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So I Wore A Jumpsuit…

Testing The Waters With The Men’s Jumpsuit Trend

So I wore a jumpsuit, and I’m fucking obsessed. It’s something I’ve been wanting to try for a while but tbh there just weren’t a lot of options for men out there in my price range. But now that I’ve found one, I never wanna take it off, unless of course I have to pee…which I’m still trying to figure out how to do without getting completely naked but hey, small sacrifices for fashun right? Normally when you think about jumpsuits (do people think about jumpsuits?), the words military, mechanic, and convicted felon propably come to mind, but now that designers have made this very utilitarian clothing option fashionable, hopefully we can get past the fact that it’s essentially an adult onesie and embrace it! It’s definitely not for everyone, but I’d love to hear what you think of this emerging men’s trend.


Chapter Men’s Jumpsuit  //  MKI Miyuki-Zoku Bomber Jacket  //  PF Flyers Shoes  //  WeSC Hat


The Sandal Scandal

He Did NOT Just Wear Socks With Those!

But I really did. While everyone else is freaking out about pumpkin everything, I’m here doing this… Because if you’re gonna wear your Tevas into the fall, you’re gonna wanna keep your feet farm. That’s why this genius collab between Woolrich and Teva is capitalizing on the now-cool socks and sandals trend. I mean warm wool socks with granola-vibe footwear - so on point though and it definitely makes a statement. It says “I’m so cool that I don’t care what I wear. I can even wear this ridiculous combo on my feet but that just makes me cooler because you don’t get it”. Aka fashunz. Anywayyy, as we move into the fall I’m gonna try to maintain some bright colors in my wardrobe instead of regressing to all black. I’m slowly working in warm colors like this mustard in my beanie and maybe even a few unexpected shades like the teal in my colored jeans. Here’s to a new season and some more new wardrobe choices.


Levi’s Jacket  //  French Connection Shirt  //  Armani Exchange Jeanss  //  Teva x Woolrich Socks and Sandals Pack  //  Coach Beanie


NYFW Comedown 

My Closet’s Playing Tricks On Me

OMG but you guys like seriously. The first week back to reality after a crazy New York fashion week has been the absolute worst. I guess it’s kinda bratty to complain about going to shows and drinking all the free booze my liver could handle, but the fact that I had to still work a full-time job on top of it all really puts a damper on all the fun. Okay, I’ll shut up now but at least allow me to use the end of a sleepless fashion week as an excuse for making my closet play tricks on me. I mean I’m pretty sure I’m wearing heels in this outfit. And an almost crop top button down. And layered pants.  And I’m not even mad at it. Thoughts on the pieces from this look?


MKI Shirt  //  Chapter Trousers  //  Camper Shoes  //  Rains Backpack  //  Profound Co. Hat