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Is It Fall Yet?

Because My Wardrobe Seems To Think So  

Usually August is the actual worst month of a New York City summer. It’s hot and humid, and the subways…don’t even get me started. But last week we had a bit of a “cool” spell that really had me looking forward to fall weather and all the sartorial pleasures that come with it - like layering, and boots, and jackets, and SHOPPING! I recently picked up some new fall staples and took advantage of the cool weather to break them out a season early. For this look I paired a really awesome lightweight fishtail parka with a pair of dark denim - two things I plan on wearing well into the cooler months - and ditched my usual canvas sneakers in favor of something a little more elegant to add a touch of #classandelegance. What are you most excited to wear this fall?


Express T-Shirt  //  Express Jacket  //  Express Slim Fit Jeans  //  Florsheim Shoes  // Karl Lagerfeld Watch


Disclosure: This post was written as a part of my collaboration with Express. All photos were taken by Justin and edited by me.

What Not To Wear On A Date

#ForeverAlone Has A New Look & It Comes In The Form Of Fisherman Pants  

I’m probably committing several fashion crimes with this one look but YOLO. Birkenstocks, baggy drop crocth pants that are generally unflattering, and a semi oversized cropped tee that would resemble a football pinney if it were mesh. I believe that checks everything off the list for being totally undateable. Either way, if I’m gonna be single, might as well be comfortable right?


OAK T-Shirt  //  OAK Pants  //  Birkenstock Sandals  //  Chains By Lauren Bracelet  // Warby Parker Sunglasses


LOLOL I can't read / It's a picture book

Lez Get It Packin

Travel Essentials For Your Summer Getaway  

Last weekend I had the pleasure of checking out the Baxter of California pop-up shop at the beautiful Surf Lodge in Montauk, NY.  It was an awesome weekend of delicious dinners, days at the pool and beach, and of course some lessons in men’s grooming including a personal hair consultation by the Baxter team. Thankfully, I had packed everything I needed for the busy weekend because nothing’s worse than feeling unprepared. So with more warm weekends still ahead of us, I thought I’d share with you just a few of my favorite travel essentials so you can start thinking about that next getaway. 

  • Wheeled Carry-on Luggage - Save the shoulder and back pain for sunburn. Luggage with wheels is worth waiting for the elevator especially if you pack like me.
  • Canvas Tote - Perfect for carrying everything you need when you’re running around or going to the beach/pool
  • Laptop Case - If you’re bringing your laptop, you’re gonna want to protect it. Zero Gravity makes some really cute cases so you can have fun with your tech accessories.
  • Dopp Kitt - The prepacked dopp kit by Baxter has basically everything you need to stay well-groomed on your trip. Order one online before your next vacay and save yourself the last minute trip to Duane Reade
  • Clothes - Duh. My rule is always more is more but just make sure you can carry it all (see first travel essential above).


Fred Perry x Drakes London T-Shirt  //  Hudson Jeans  //  PF Flyers Sneakers  //  Jack Spade Tote  // Ultraolive Suitcase  //  Zero Gravity Laptop Case  //  Coach Leather Journal  //  Baxter Of California Dopp Kit  // Styling/Grooming by Baxter of California


Disclosure: This post was written as part of my collaboration with Baxter of California. All photos were taken my Mac and edited by me.

Hit The Mall Before You Hit The Books

#AEOSTYLE Challenge Denim Edition: Relaxed Straight Jeans 

I may be too old to go back to school, but I’m definitely not too old to indulge in a little back to school shopping. This year I teamed up with American Eagle to style one of my favorite current denim styles, the relaxed straight fit jean, so read on to learn about my styling inspiration.

Lately I’ve been a fan of baggier jeans for the extra comfort they provide due to extra room in the legs. They kinda have a sporty-street wear feel to them, so I decided to play up the athletic theme with a varsity jacket, a 3/4 sleeve baseball t-shirt, and some running sneakers. I chose the bright orange varsity jacket as my statement piece and kept the shirt and shoes subdued in darker hues for balance. With the jeans, I chose to pinch-roll them at the bottom for a nice tight fit at the ankle. This is a fun styling trick I picked up when wearing looser fitting jeans so you can achieve that slouchy look without getting those frayed hems that come from stepping on your pants. Overall, I’d say this outfit makes a great weekend look for fall or even for the first week of school.


Relaxed Boot Jean  //  Pocket Baseball T-Shirt  //  Tipped Varsity Jacket  //  New Balance Ballistic 501 Sneaker


Disclosure: This post was written as part of my collaboration with American Eagle Outfitters. All photos were taken my Mac and edited by me. See more of my #AEOSTYLE challenge at the AE Blog HERE.

What’s The Deal With Jogger Pants?

A Guide To Dressing Off The Cuff  

Another season, another trend, and this time we’re talking about joggers. Or jogger pants more precisely. So what’s the deal with these cuffed distant cousins of sweatpants anyway? Well, the secret to their appeal all lies in that cinched hem! Forget about cuffing your trousers to get that perfect peek of sock or ankle, or struggling with that pinch roll to taper your baggy jeans. Joggers solve that problem and yes this is a real #firstworld problem because I’m lazy. They literally go with anything. You can wear them sporty or even a little more tailored depending on what kind you get. My favorite way to wear them? With your best pair of sneakers! It’s an easy way to make your shoes pop because your pants won’t be puddling at your ankles. Check out some joggers that I’m currently feeling in the carousel below.



7 Diamonds Shirt  //  Zanerobe Joggers  //  Nike Air Max 90 Jacquard Sneakers  //  Ambig Hat