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Denim Jacket

This is what I wore for Christmas once I finally got out of my pj’s. I’m very excited about this denim jacket that I got on sale at the Gap while doing some last minute Christmas shopping. I’ve always wanted a denim jacket but it’s been a hard look to pull off because they’re so short. And since I’m so short, they tend to make me look a little boxy since I have broader shoulders and a wider chest.  This jacket works because it actually hits just below my waist and I think wearing it with an untucked shirt helps elongate the torso. Just make sure the shirt tails aren’t too long. Green pants because I’m tryna be festive. Camel coat and orange/red vintage wingtips for a pop of color. Yep. All ready to celebrate.

Pea coat - H&M

Denim Jacket - Gap

Shirt - J.Crew

Pants - Levi’s (Sidenote: these are my new favorite pants. I’ve accepted the fact that I can’t fit into “skinny” jeans anymore and am embracing my “athletic” legs lol. Plus, I’m tired of jumping up and down to get a pair of jeans on. Phew. Skinny is out and “slim” is in.)

Shoes - Vintage, Another Man’s Treasure

Location - “The Burbs,” Parlin, NJ

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