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Fall For Florsheim - Anthony

YOU GUYS! It’s no secret that we are huge fans of Florsheim shoes. Any shoes for that matter. But Florsheim’s especially. And what better way to welcome Fall than with a pair of fresh new Florsheim loafers?!

I mean…these aren’t your dad’s loafers. Well they could be, but like, you get the point. These loafers are FRESH. Navy suede with a touch of brown leather detail? I mean… You’re drooling. I’m drooling! You need these in your life. Super comf. Anytime you don’t have to wear socks and can still look good is definitely a look I am all about. Because being too lazy to wear socks = FASHUNZ.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Who wears white pants and no socks after Labor Day? I DO! And you should too. Let’s just pretend that those rules don’t apply as long as you look flyyy as haill. But I get it. White pants aren’t for everyone. But DO wear your loafers with some great fall colors. They’ll go great with wine colored pants, or brown, or khaki…basically anything. Treat them like black shoes (potentially bad advice but #YOLO). They are a great neutral staple so wear them as you see fit!

If you like these shoes (and what’s not to like), then check out the rest of the new fall collection by Florsheim on their site. AND stay tuned next week for a special GIVEAWAY (read: FREE STUFF) by Florsheim and Closet Freaks. Because we love you. And you’re awesome. And we want someone else to wear cool loafers with us. =)

Visit Florsheim on their website, Twitter (@FlorsheimShoes), Facebook, and Instagram (@FlorsheimShoes) to see more.

Anthony is wearing the Florsheim Berkley Loafers


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