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by Melanie Schnitzlein | @sketchyblonde |

I like that part in Nacho Libre where he goes, "Let’s get down to the neety greeety", because I’m 12 years old and really, really like the movie Nacho Libre. This cute Ya Los Angeles dress also happens to be Encarnacion’s favorite color (light tan, of course) - what a coincidence! Do you ever go to get dressed on a Saturday morning and you’re like, what will be the most complicated thing to put on right now? What’s going to delay brunch the longest? I tend to be more casual on weekend days because I’m all like NEENER NEENER I’M NOT AT WORK RIGHT NOW but sometimes it’s fun to get ‘weekend dressed up’. Casual dress, wooly tights, and several layered cold-weather accessories, because it would be way, way too easy to just put on a long coat.

Hat & Gloves - A chunky knit hat for your dome, cable knit bum gloves for your digitz

Jacket - Michael Kors. This was a lucky find in a Cape Cod TJMaxx in the middle of July (sometimes impulse buys work out just fine), but perhaps these will tempt you: All Saints, Andrew Marc, or Soia & Kyo

Boots - Swedish Hasbeens

Dress - Ya Los Angeles, makers of cute and affordable pretty thangs

2 Chainz - Vintage



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