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by Melanie Schnitzlein | @sketchyblonde |

Idunnoaboutyouguys, but I don’t feel truly ‘dressed up’ unless I’m wearing something sparkly. That’s a little bit of a Sad Fact about Me, because I’m not 9, I’m an (alleged) adult, but that’s just how it is!! I can’t be the only one with this affliction…right? This outfit is pretty similar to last week’s post, sort of an office-party appropriate type deal, but I’ve changed it up a little bit here with the addition of the fitted, cropped blazer. A short jacket like this Ya Los Angeles one can help dress an outfit up, but in a business-y way. So your boss won’t be all like ‘um wtf r u doin’ when you show up to work with a sequined torso.

Dress and Blazer - Ya Los Angeles. If you like the dress, you miiiight want to keep an eye out on Closet Freaks and Sketchy Blonde for next week’s very special “free stuff” themed post *wink wink*

Necklace - Combo of a Noir bejazzled safety pin and a preppy J.Crew anchor because I’m soooo DIY like that

Shoes - Zara, but these are similar

Tights - Probably Target TBH but look at all these tights


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