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All black errrthangg. This outfit is me mourning the loss of all the money I spent this past weekend. Not on gifts but on myself because "I’m worth it."  #treatyoself It’s hard to pull off black on black on black without looking goth but since I’m AZN I can totes "make it work." (*SNAPS* bitchiss) Or at least say it’s my ninja look. I love this photographic print on this special James "Hot Stuff" Franco collaboration with 7FAM. The palm tree photo is just enough of a reminder of the warm weather I’ve been mising and the black and white makes it look artsy fartsy so I can still feel cool enough to wear it out downtown. Also, peep mah new jooree. A nice new Giles & Brother piece I picked up last week. So excited that I get the chance to meet Philip Crangi, the man behind the jewelry later this week!

Also, Dustin and I are on Lookbook. HYPE this look and fan us if you like our outfits. Thanksss! =)

Jacket - Kenneth Cole Collection (Similar 1Similar 2)

T-shirt - 7 For All Mankind x James Franco

Pants - H&M (Similar)

Shoes - Bar III

Black Wrap Bracelet - Giles & Brother

Written & Styled by Anthony



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