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by Melanie Schnitzlein | @sketchyblonde |

Ahhh, I’m out of those tights and fancy dresses! Not that there’s anything wrong with those…but sometimes you just need to be comfortable. What you are seeing in these spectacular photographs is pretty standard weekend fare for me, especially when the temperature is hovering in that low-50s zone I love so much. I bought this sweater for $20 from H&M because it reminded me of an Elizabeth and James sweater I’d been dying over, but couldn’t justify spending the money on. A year-ish later, I realize the more expensive one would have been worth every penny considering how much I wear this hole-y wonder. I love layering it with various button downs, like this silky leopard one I’ve paired with leather and a spike necklace, or a plaid flannel with olive green skinny pants and clog boots for something more Vermont-y. Throw a leather jacket on top for the perfect amount of warmth required for a sunny fall day, and pair with bright colored cords for a little more interest than a basic blue jean. I’ve turned this outfit into somewhat of a uniform for myself, an easy go-to when I need to get dressed quickly - and who wants to think hard on Saturdays anyway?

Jacket - My trusty Michael Kors, I made some recommendations for a similar one in this post hurr!

Sweater - Ya heard about the sweatah. Brandy Melville has a big selection of loose-knit tops for extremely reasonable prices.

Shirt - Alter Brooklyn, but this one is cute, and so are these.

Pants - Mine are JCrew (high-waisted because that’s how I roll), but here’s blue, burgundy, and pink and red from Gap.

Boots - Dolce Vita

Rings - Vintage

Necklace - Lady Grey



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