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Velvet & Fur

by Melanie Schnitzlein | @sketchyblonde |

Welp, I finally went and bought meself a faux fur coat because 1) I get jealous of everyone I see wearing one, and 2) sometimes I like to look like a crazy lady, and a faux fur coat is perfect for that. My co-worker called it my Joan Collins coat when the box arrived at the office, and I am 100% okay with that comparison. I think there’s something inherently silly about wearing a large, furry jacket, but at the same time, it’s impossible to not feel more glamorous (in a Dynasty kind of way, of course). I let the jacket be the star here, with black wax-coated skinnies and a paper-thin gray T playing second fiddle. My inner Rod Stewart is always trying to escape though, so I added in a sequin cardigan, velvet ankle boots and layered necklaces and rings. I think Joan would approve.

Jacket - Mine appears to be sold out, but this Whistles one has a similar look to it.

Pants - Joe’s Jeans

Top - I like to spend an exorbitant amount of money on like, one t-shirt to have in my closet. I normally frown upon expensive loungewear (need money 4 fur coats), but having one super soft, comfy t-shirt that also doesn’t make me feel like a slob has helped me craft many an outfit. My current one is a gray like this Monrow tee, but you can go ahead and pick whatever color strikes your fancy!

Cardigan - A surprisingly useful thing to have is a sequinned cardigan that is loose in fit and open in the front.

Boots - Urban Outfitterz



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