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Winter Denial

by Melanie Schnitzlein | @sketchyblonde |

First post of 2013! WOOOO! Ok, I’m tired of winter now. At a certain point I just get reeeaal weary of wearing pants, even though it’s freezing outside. Instead, I resort to layering up some of my summer items with winter gear in order to a) expand my wardrobe options and b) not die of hypothermia. Because we’re not going to wear the white lace shorts out with nothing underneath, right? We’re not college freshman anymore. Well, maybe you are - sorry. When paired with lots of black, a warm cashmere sweater and a knee-length wool coat, the shorts I wore dang near every day in August take on a new life (even with the sandals, methinks). A cold, dark-at-4pm life, but work with me here.

Coat - Finding this Pendleton coat took a lot of internet sleuthing. The classic design is surprisingly hard to find. I basically wanted the Ali Macgraw Love Story coat but I guess people just DON’T CARE about tan wool coats with belts these days! Options that come close definitely exist, like these Michael KorsAnn Taylor (figures), or Armani coats, but locating a coat that fills all the requirements (long, belted, big collar, etc) takes some dedication.

SweaterSimple, dark, stripey and slightly too short. And on sale. Perfect!

ShortsFree People has a cute pair, also in black if you’re not into white.

ShoesThese or these have a bohemian vibe like mine, and are clunky enough to not look weird when you wear them with socks. Or, snake print. I might need those.




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