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by Melanie Schnitzlein |

#Emo #Nemo

"But loving him was red, loving him was red" - I am so Taylor Swift in this red peacoat. When will that Taylor stop having so many boyfriends? Ya know, Anthony has a photo of Dustin wearing pretty much this same exact get-up of mine from about a year ago. So not only is this outfit old, but I think Dusty wore it better. I’ve added to it a simple black beanie to cover my unbrushed hair, sunglasses to hide the went-to-bed-at-5am eyes, and flat black boots because the ground is covered in ice/I might still be asleep. Happy Thursday!

Jacket - This ASOS cocoon coat comes in red,this JCrew one is a classic, or go kind of chic Santa Clause in Elizabeth and James

Scarf - Similar color to mine. My scarf is in one piece, but you could layer the snood over a tassel-y scarf you already have for a similar effect. 

Hat - Thanks, Alter, for still having winter items in your store. 

Jeans - Black pants! Who cares. Wear anything. Why don’t you already have a pair of these?

Boots - Something flat, black and slightly non-descript. These are a smidge cooler than mine.

Sunglasses - Really the only pair of sunglasses you’ll need to own.

Bag - I can’t find this on the internet. Sooooo exclusive. This one is a fun item though.


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