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Lennons Who Lunch

My outfit choices this week prompted a co-worker to ask if Mick Jagger gets annoyed that I borrow his clothes every day. I LOL’d and didn’t even bother to feign annoyance, because that is clearly a compliment of the highest order in my book. Here I am on me old lunch break, hoping that the sparkle collar, leopard print and John-and-Yoko approved spectacles will chase away the dying gasps of February - notice I’m lacking a coat (#suffer4fashun). This get-up was actually the result of me in the morning, saying “I do not feel like dressing up today. I’m gonna wear something comfortable, Imma do me”, and this what walked out of the house. They totally love me in my office!

Blazer/Cardigan Thing - Oooh, spiky.

Shirt - This Tinley Road one is similar, and this Rebecca Minkoff top is a fun spin on what I have on.

Pants - Coated jeans, like these.

Boots - Not identical, but these have that dull mushroom color I hold so dear. Or hey, these seem like a good use of your money.

Sunglasses - Alter



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