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Snow Much Fun

I took Anthony and Dustin up to my Vermont ski chalet this past weekend for a little break from our respective cities! The skiing was super duper due to some actual snow falling out of the sky at a fairly steady pace. I skiied, Anthony snowboarded, Dustin drank a few Bloody Marys with my dad, we hot-tubbed, played in the snow, over-ate, but still found the time to snap pictures of each other’s beautiful faces, of course. I’ve never actually worn this outfit aside from these photos, but I think something like this would be appropriate for work, or for a daytime jaunt, or a walk of shame. Whatever you feel! Do you, girlfriend! I would recommend a coat, however - I think the contents of my furse (see what I did there??) were warmer than I was during this shoot.&nbsp

Blazer - via Alter 

Necklace - Vintage

Purse/Furse - via Tiger Blanket Records

Shoes - Dolce Vita

Lipstick - These are amazing.


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