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Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking!

Floral prints are nothing new but for some guys, the idea of wearing anything with flowers on it is a totally new concept. Sure flowers don’t exactly scream macho man, but when worn right, a fancy floral can make a big statement.  And you don’t have to go for your dad’s old Hawaiian shirt either. Pick one up that has a slim modern cut that’ll really show off those gunz you’ve been working so hard on since New Year’s day (or not). You can easily wear this shirt casually with some tennis sneakers and shorts but you can also treat it like a dress shirt and wear it with some chinos and dress shoes like I did here. See? Versatility! Have I convinced you that flowers are cool now?

Shirt - Modern Amusement c/o PacSun (Similar)

Pants - Zara (Similar)

Shoes - Mark McNairy (Similar 1, Similar 2)

Sunglasses - c/o Gant x Michael Bastian (Similar)

Written & Styled by Anthony, Photographed by Justin


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