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How To Wear Casual Sneakers & Incorporate Green Into Your Spring Wardrobe

The Grass Is Always Greener

Well that was a quick break! Although I originally intended to take some time off, after a few days I realized that in order to get back to normal, I just have to carry on. And TBH, blogging is something I love to do so why not just get back into the routine?

With all the craziness going on, I’ve been feeling the need to escape the city for a bit so I drove down to the suburbs of NJ to see my family. In this episode of “Cool Dad” Goes To The Burbs, I wanted to keep my outfit simple and comfortable.  Also, I finally got to break in two of my new favorite pieces! The first was a new pair of selvedge denim that had been MIA from my closet for a few days while getting hemmed and tapered by the tailor. The alterations were perfect and really transformed the way the jeans looked on me so in the end, worth the wait. Also, I took my "new new" (Balance’s) out for the first time! The 574’s have always been pretty popular with others but looked a little “bulky” on my feet so I opted for the classic 620 style that had a sleeker look. Without intentionally trying to be “matchy,” I ended up wearing a lot of green in this look but I have to say that I really like the way it looks. A bright green goes with just about anything, but if you’re feeling a little iffy when trying to incorporate this color into your outfits for spring, a safe bet is to go with a denim in a medium blue.

And now on a more personal note, seeing these pictures really brought to mind the old saying "The grass is always greener on the other side…" Being in a relationship and being single definitely both have their perks but either way it’s always hard to see the good in your current situation. Although the grass is looking greener on the other “couple-y” side because I’m newly single and alone, I’m slowly learning to appreciate the new freedom I have. Thank god for my wonderful family and friends who’ve been just incredibly amazing over the past week (and in general). Things are looking up! And also thank you to everyone for all the positive, supportive messages, emails, tweets, and love! I seriously have some AMAZING readers!


Jacket c/o Frank & Oak  //  Shirt c/o Mr. Turk  //  Denim by Williamsburg Garment Co. c/o Mind The Chap  //  Shoes by New Balance  //  Watch by Timex


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