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Stylish & Affordable Prescription Eyeglasses & Sunglasses

Introducing John Ruvin & Company

As someone who has worn eyeglasses since the 2nd grade, I know the importance of a good pair of frames. I wear them all day, everyday, and they’re one of the first things people notice when they see me, so they play a big part in showcasing my personal style. When it comes to picking the right frames for myself, I look for something well-crafted, stylish, and unique, but still comfortable. And with the glare of the summer sun soon approaching, there’s no better time for eyeglass wearers to start thinking about a seasonal switch to their eyewear. In fact, I myself like to rotate between 2 or 3 frames regularly for some variety!

Allow me to introduce my latest discovery, John Ruvin & Company, a new So-Cal based eyewear brand. The brand specializes in making stylish yet affordable prescription frames without sacrificing quality. They offer a myriad of options for both eyeglasses and sunglasses in everything from vintage to modern styles, with a frame option that will suit any shape or face. The best part is that most frames WITH prescription lenses included are only $100! A great bargain when it comes to such a big component of your style.

For those of you looking for a new pair of summer lenses, I highly recommend discovering more about John Ruvin & Co. on their site HERE. And don’t miss their special offer to receive a $50 coupon towards your first eyewear purchase.

PS - I don’t know how I’ve lived without prescription sunglasses before. I’ll probably never want to wear my contacts ever again. For anyone on the fence about investing in a pair of prescription shades - it’s so worth it!



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