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Outfit: Men’s Printed Shirts

Fruit Punch

You guys! Fruits are like sooo in season rn. But since it’s summer which means no one in New York City is eating (half-kidding here), I guess I’ll just wear my fruit instead! Hmm…I wonder how many calories this shirt has?

So how exactly do you pull off a juicy print like this one with literally all of the colors? Welllll…ya slap on some dark denim, throw on a funny hat, and hide from the fruit flies behind some polarized lenses. I mean not really, but that’s what I chose to do here. You see the key to wearing printed shirts or printed anything is balance. Yes, balance. Yanno - the thing you can’t do when you’re drunk. Pattern on top, solid on bottom, and vice versa so your outfit is in visual proportion.


Shirt c/o ASOS (but this one is kinda SAMSIES)  //  Jeans c/o Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren  //  Shoes by Vans  //  Sunglasses c/o Tevin Vincent  // Hat c/o ASOS (Similar)

Photos by Freddy


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