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OUTFIT: Dressing For A Rainy Day

Let’s Get Wet

Or not you pervs. Dressing for the rain is like soooo annoying. It’s like I wanna wear my cute suede shoes because they’re the ONLY thing that goes with my outfit but I don’t wanna fuck them up maneuvering around that giant puddle on every corner of literally EVERY Manhattan street. Whats a gal to do?

A) Get a damn umbrella ya cheapo. If you paid good money for that Malaysian bundle, hell even if it’s synthentic, you can afford to skip your Starbucks coffee and buy a 5$ umbrella.

B) Wear a raincoat. A navy or tan trench or mac goes with just about anything and the length of the coat will help keep your pants dry from those rogue raindrops that always seem to infiltrate your first defense - see part A.

C) Wear proper shoes. Leapfrogging between puddles in your canvas tennis shoes is just not cute. Ain’t nobody got time for that and no one wants to smell your wet feet all day. Rainboots are super cheap and will save you a lot of trouble. Straight guys, don’t worry. Rainboots are not “gay” so you good. Another alternative is a pair of galoshes like the Swims I’m wearing here. They come in a bunch of fun colors and fit right over any shoe. The best part is that when it stops raining you can slip them off and you’ve got regular shoes on underneath. Now you won’t look like that idiot in rain boots on a perfectly sunny (rest of the) day.


Jacket c/o Original Penguin  //  Cardigan c/o Original Penguin  //  Pants by Zara  //  Shoes by Florsheim  //  Eyeglasses c/o Steven Alan  //  Galoshes by Swims  //  Tie c/o Rail + River


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