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So Fresh And So Clean

Men’s Grooming Essentials

I know this blog is mostly about the fashinz but today let’s talk about a subject that goes hand in hand with your overall steez. After all, grooming is part of the full package when it comes to looking good so it’s time to step your game up gents! Check out my review of some new hair and skincare products I had the chance to try out and let me know what you use as part of your daily grooming regimen in the comments.

Gentleman’s Brand Co.

  • Face Wash - I have pretty sensitive skin so it’s hard to find a cleanser that isn’t too “sting-y” and leaves my face feeling raw instead of refreshed. With just a small dab, this face wash lathers nicely and is super gentle enough to use twice a day for my morning shower and after the gym.
  • Daily Moisturizer - It’s made with all natural botanical oils, and even though I don’t really know what that means, I do know that this stuff is amazing. No ashy elbows or knees anymore, this moisturizer hydrates well and is fragrance-free so it won’t clash with your cologne.
  • Body Wash - I’ll admit that I’m a loofa guy because I’m a fancy New Yorker now and this body wash is giving me every reason to switch from my typical wash aka whatever’s on sale at Duane Reade. From the tropical scent that makes me want to drink it like a pina colada (ed. note: please do not actually try that at home) to the soft feeling clean it gives your skin, I think I’ve found my new favorite shower soap.

Bad Norwegian

  • Facial Cream - Unscented, non-greasy, and no-shine - what more could you ask for in a daily face moisturizer?


  • Chap Skin & Lip Remedy - I always find myself losing my chapstick but this is one I’ll definitely want to hold on to. Non-shiny (this ain’t lip gloss) and does exactly what it’s supposed to. Bonus points for the cute masculine package design.

Mr. Natty

  • Clay Hair Preparation - The secret to my “Asian pompadour” all lies with the perfect hair product. This hair clay works perfectly to add volume to my very fine hair. I use a small amount palmed through my blow-dried hair to lift and style it into the perfect shape. Holds well on its own with a matte finish but because I’m from Jersey I can’t say not to a little, well a lot, of hairspray to finish it off.


  • Ocean Mist - Literally my favorite hair product discovery to date. As I already mentioned, I have very fine Asian hair and this product adds such a great almost crunchy texture to it. I’ve tried this out on  my towel-dried hair with a few sprays and then combed it through. The best part is that you can reshape and play with your hair throughout the day without getting any flakes and it even provides a decent hold to use without any additional hair product.
  • Hair Repair - I tried this out on my hair at the end of the week to undo a week’s worth of hair product residue buildup. After shampooing, I pretty much used it like a conditioner and left it in for 5 mins (directions actually say 5-10 mins but I’m impatient so…) and then washed it out. It actually does leave your hair feeling amazingly soft and has a great tropical/outdoorsy scent as well. Highly recommend using it a few times a week in place of your usual conditioner.

Special thanks to Serena for helping me with these photos.


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