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OUTFIT: Men’s Pleated Trousers

Pleats & Thank You

I’m not exactly sure when or why it happened, but I’ve recently been on a mission to find black cropped pleated trousers. I mean who even invented pleats? All they do is generally make you look more unflattering but is it weird that I kinda like how they give me lady hips? I guess it also doesn’t help that these ones here are more of a loose fit which further adds to the illusion of having thicky thick legs but I have to say I’m really feeling “weird” proportions lately. This is probably the first pair of non slim-fit/skinny pants I’ve owned in a while (sweatpants included) and I think my legs are appreciating the welcome break from having all my leg hair ripped off every time I peel off a pair of tight jeans. Hate it or love it? Right or ratchet? Let me know what your thoughts on pleats are in the comments.


Jacket c/o ASOS  //  Shirt c/o Descendant of Thieves  //  Pants by Zara  //  Shoes c/o ASOS  //  Eyeglasses c/o Lookmatic  //  Bag c/o Armani Exchange

OUTFIT: Men’s Graphic Sweatshirt


Uhmm in case you didn’t notice, it’s been maddd brick for the longest and all I wanna do is dress like gay hip hop trash in layers and layers of drape. Luckily for me “streetwear” is “in” now so I can proudly wear my oversized big font logo sweatshirt, even if it’s a knock-off. I mean like how "football wives" do I look in this jersey sweatshirt? If dressing like this is gonna bag me a pro-athlete then sign me right the hell up.


Sweatshirt c/o ASOS  //  Shirt by Timo Weiland (Similar)  //  Pants c/o ASOS (Similar)  //  Shoes by Public School  //  Sunglasses c/o ZeroUV  //  Hat c/o MBS MFG CO (Similar)


OUTFIT: Taking Cues From Menswear Brand Public School

It’s Not Always Black And White

So this was my New Year’s Eve outfit - better late than never right? When it comes to dressing for NYE I feel like black and white is always an appropriate color combo. It’s very night time, very “going out,” and very “New York” which makes it an easy go-to for any big event. I’ve had my eye on these Public School x Generic Man collab shoes since I saw them  at last season’s NYFW presentation and when I saw them on sale and in my size it knew it was an insta-cop for my NYE outfit. Paired them with my mixed leather/denim Hudson Jeans seen here and my budget-bitch white collarless shirt from Fred Segal H&M that I wore all summer long as seen here. Because it was literally freezing in the city for NYE, I doubled up on the outerwear with some more inspiration from Public School.

Call me bougie pero like I’m tryna pay rent and still keep mah fit poppin so yolo. Anyway, I’m literally obsessed with their collection so it didn’t come as a shock that they were recently named as the winners of the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund award. Although I wanted to stick to black and white, I really like the way that the tan jacket compliments the outfit while still keeping the look neutral. As I’ve said before, I’m in love with this jacket and it’s proven to be super versatile. Check out some of my other outfits with this jacket here and here. Adding neutral colors like tan and gray are a great way to keep your look minimal and neutral without being too boring or safe.


Jacket by A.P.C.  //  Biker Jacket c/o ASOS  //  Shirt by H&M  // Pants c/o Hudson Jeans  //  Shoes by Public School x Generic Man (Similar) //  Beanie c/o Johnny Love (Similar)  // Eyeglasses c/o Lookmatic


OUTFIT: Men’s Jogger Pants

Trench Coat And My Underwear

Outrageous! Is it just me or does anyone else think of this Britney Spears song when they think of trench coats? It’s actually probably just me. Aside from the fact that a few people have told me it looks like I’m gonna flash someone, I still really really love this coat! It’s the perfect length and fit to wear over anything, even a blazer or denim jacket and it’s just looks so sophisticated with its simple design. Here I wore it with a very casual on-the-go outfit. These jogger pants are basically perfect. I’ve found myself wearing them a lot more than I thought because they’re just so comfortable but don’t look sloppy. I wear them with anything from a button down to an oversized sweater and beanie like I did for this outfit. Hope you’re all staying warm during this crazy snow day. Bundle up and have a good weekend!


Jacket by A.P.C.  //  Sweater c/o ASOS  //  Pants by Cadet  //  Shoes by A.P.C. x Nike  //  Eyeglasses c/o Lookmatic


OUTFIT: Men’s Plaid Shirt

He Could Be A Farmer In Those Clothes

If you don’t get the obvious Clueless reference of this post title, then a) holy shit you’re young and b) you can’t sit with us. I don’t know why plaid makes people think of farmers or cowboys but I happen to love a good plaid. And if you really don’t want to be mistaken as a farmer/cowboy, then don’t wear your plaid with overalls or a cowboy hat. You also probably don’t wanna be hanging out on an actual farm or hay ride truck (is that a thing?) like I am here. Anyway, I guess this is a really poor attempt at a “grunge” inspired outfit because of the acid wash jeans and flannel combo so I guess I’ll just go sit over there with the stoners.


Jacket by  American Apparel  //  Flannel Shirt c/o Howe  //  T-shirt c/o District Clothing  //  Jeans c/o ASOS  //  Shoes c/o PF Flyers