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what kind of shoes are those in your latest post?

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Shoes from the Spring Colors post are Nordstrom 1901

Shoes from the Bright Colored Blazer post are vintage from Another Man’s Treasure

We get a lot of questions of where you can buy the things we wear in our posts. All you have to do is click around because most of our posts are tagged with links to the products or something similar.  If you can’t find something then just hollerrr via Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. Hope that helps! =)

- Anthony & Dustin

2col 2col

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Walk On The Wild Side

(More photos from this look)

Wore this last night to celebrate a good friend’s end of singledom as we partied hard in the lower east side. Naturally, it was a crazy night so the outfit choice kinda matched the occasion.

I guess I really liked the idea of the bold color with muted earth tones from this look we posted last week, because I wore the same pants and shirt again. This time instead of the bright coral blazer, I went with an equally bright lightweight orange sweater. I added the navy blazer to tone it down a bit and also because it was pretty cold for spring time. My favorite part of the outfit was probably the leopard socks. If I’m gonna be THAT guy wearing a bright ass orange sweater..might as well go all the way right?

Blazer, sweater, & shirt - Uniqlo (what? I like the store k?)

Pants - Zara

Socks - River Island, via ASOS

Shoes - Vintage via Another Man’s Treasure

2col 2col

The Winter Issue: Anthony

Sorry to all the Dustin “fans” out there, but here’s a pic of the equally "sexy" Anthony. (I made Dustin write that - jk, wrote that mah damn self! who gon’ check me, boo?)

Freckled Magazine asked us to show off a winter look and I chose this outfit because I love “ugly” sweaters and bright colors, but mostly because it doesn’t make me look fat. #realtalk

The ski sweater was a great vintage find from a local store in Jersey City, Another Man’s Treasure. I say great find because this winter, nordic/ski sweaters were popping up all over the internet and fashion magazines by some big brands for quadruple the price of what I paid for this sweater. See here. And to me, nothing says “winter” like a good knit sweater. The bright blue scarf, purple saddle shoes, and green pants are not necessarily “winter” colors but it’s a great reminder that you don’t have to follow the rules all the time as long as you feel confident and comfortable in the way you’re dressed. And I felt pretty damn good (and warm) in this outfit! Shoutout to my hips for striking that pose. LOL I don’t know why I was standing like that but I’m not mad either.

Jacket - Triple 5 Soul #relevantbrandsintheearly2000s

Sweater - Vintage via Another Man’s Treasure

Denim shirt - CPO via UO

Pants - Levi’s

Shoes - Nordstrom 1901

Scarf - NYC street vendor (ahem, fell off a truck somewhere in Newark)

Blue skull bracelet - Scott Osterbind

Location - Jersey City, NJ