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NYFW Comedown 

My Closet’s Playing Tricks On Me

OMG but you guys like seriously. The first week back to reality after a crazy New York fashion week has been the absolute worst. I guess it’s kinda bratty to complain about going to shows and drinking all the free booze my liver could handle, but the fact that I had to still work a full-time job on top of it all really puts a damper on all the fun. Okay, I’ll shut up now but at least allow me to use the end of a sleepless fashion week as an excuse for making my closet play tricks on me. I mean I’m pretty sure I’m wearing heels in this outfit. And an almost crop top button down. And layered pants.  And I’m not even mad at it. Thoughts on the pieces from this look?


MKI Shirt  //  Chapter Trousers  //  Camper Shoes  //  Rains Backpack  //  Profound Co. Hat


Wear To Work

Redefining Business Casual

When it comes to dressing for work, the lines between business and casual are sometimes unclear. Nowadays, office appropriate attire doesn’t necessarily have to mean a suit and tie. My office tends to have a really relaxed dress code. Most days I wear jeans and a t-shirt to work but that’s just the nature of my office environment. For this work-inspired outfit I chose to dress down a tailored blazer the way I would wear it to my office. Sneakers, a snapback, and some slim pants are a great way to achieve a relaxed office look. 

This Thursday September 18th, I’m inviting you to attend the EXPRESS x GQ #Back2Business event at the EXPRESS Times Square store, located at 46th & Broadway at 6pm. GQ’s executive stylist Brett Fahlgreen will be there along with other special guests to answer all your “wear to work” styling questions. All purchases made during the event will receive a special 25% off discount so come with your friends and hang out with me while we shop and enjoy some whiskey and light bites! More info about the event can be found in the flyer below. Be sure to RSVP and hope to see some of you guys later this week!


Express Blazer  //  Express Henley  //  Express Chinos  //  New Balance Sneakers  //  Profound Co. Hat


Disclosure: This post was written as a part of my collaboration with Express.

Hulking In A No Flex Zone

Because New York Fashion Week

Okay, okay, so NYFW is not necessarily a no flex zone. Matter of fact, everyone probably tries harder to stunt when they dress for the shows. That said, I chose to wear this bright green (Incredible Hulk vibes, yeah?) printed shirt to stand apart from the crowd. Mission accomplished, I guess.

Shot by Grant Legan.


Mr. Nieves Shirt  //  Mr. Nieves Shorts  //  Teva x Opening Ceremony Sandals


Is Street Style Dead?

A Case For Color Over All Black Everything

Someone recently posed this question to me: Is street style dead? They then went on to explain that the all-black everything crews are killing it (but not necessarily in the good way) and making street style, well, boring. My answer - how’s this for color? I’m certainly not afraid of wearing colors or prints and I think with this outfit that’s pretty clear.

Shot by my fellow Tumblr NYFW SS15 “classmate” Grant Legan.


Mr. Nieves Shirt  //  Mr. Nieves Shorts  //  Public School Shoes  //  MBS MFG CO Hat