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2012 Outfit Roundup - Melanie

In 2012 we introduced you all to our good friend and lady blogger Melanie Schnitzlein aka That Sketchy Blonde.” Having her contribute to the blog has helped us start to acheive the balance that we wanted for Closet Freaks - a little style inspiration for everyone, guy or gal. And we don’t call her sketchy blonde for nothing! Melanie does some amazing fashion sketches and collages so if you’re not following her personal blog yet, we highly suggest you check it out for more great original content and artwork!


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Carsten Höller: Experience At The New Museum (Part 2)

The second floor of the museum is probably our favorite part of the exhibit. This is where the slide ends and drops you off into a crazy room of flashing lights and mini experiments. The lights take a little getting used to at first but after that it’s pretty cool. It was hard to take pics of everything because of the lighting but it ended up being perfect for making GIF’s. If you don’t get to see it, here’s a little taste of what you will experience. Hope you enjoy.

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Carsten Höller: Experience At The New Museum (Part 1)

Ok so this is not fashion related but this was so much fun that we had to share. Last week we got the chance to see the latest exhibit at the New Museum in NYC byCarsten Höller. As the title of the exhibit states, it is definitely an experience! Four floors of interactive, thought-provoking, sense altering, sculptures and experiments. One of the main draws of the exhibit is the giant spiraling slide that winds its way down 3 floors of the museum. Although we didn’t wait in line to go down the slide, we plan on revisiting the museum to have another chance. Mostly every part of the exhibit is interactive - you can participate in mini experiments, ride the carousel, take a dip in the giant pyscho tank, and go down the slide. So even if you don’t “get" it, it’s still a fun experience.

Definitely recommend checking it out if you’re in the area. AND it’s free on Thursdays from 7pm to 9pm. Get there by 6:30 and wait in line. Once you get inside the museum, check your coats and bags and head straight to the waiver line for the slide. Once you fill it out go straight up to the 4th floor and get in line for the slide. If you do that, you’ll have plenty of time to see the whole exhibit for free in the 2 hour time slot. Let us know if you end up checking it out and what you thought!