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I really REALLY want a colorful blazer for my upcoming Winter Formal Dance. Something real bright, any idea where to find one? Preferably as cheap as possible. Thanks!

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Ahh this is tough. A while back (like beginning of fall) we saw some colored blazers at Zara - teal, magenta - for about $100 but the website doesn’t show them anymore. Also the Versace for H&M collection had a hot pink men’s blazer for $150 but we don’t see that on the site anymore either. We would suggest going to the stores in person and seeing if you can’t find them in a sale section.

Our other suggestion is to try waiting til mid January to buy. It’s actually feeling like winter so you know that means stores will start putting out their Spring collections…which will probably include bright colored blazers.

Another tip is to try vintage/thrift stores. You will find may patterned wool or tweed plazers in bright plaids or maybe even a pastel suit. If it’s the right color buy it now so you have time to get it tailored before your formal.

If all else fails, why not inject some color in your dress shirt. Here’s some ideas that sound good - in our head at least:

  • Light navy or blue suit - seafoam green shirt with an orange, black polka dot bow tie
  • Light grey suit - try a mix of these colors for your shirt/neckwear - royal blue, pale yellow, pink

It will be easier to find these traditional suit colors at local stores and shirts/neckwear will be more available to you in these bolder colors. In any case, if you are trying to make a bold statement and stand out, we think this alternative will still work.

Hope this helps and let us know how everything turns out.

- Anthony & Dustin

Gingham? Check! ✔

Every guy needs a checked gingham dress shirt in his closet. Why? Cause we said so. And because you’ll probably need something fancy to wear to your family, work, and friends holiday parties coming up in the next few weeks. It’ll go with the GAP khaki’s you wear to every holiday event and you’ll fool everyone into thinking you’re a sophisticated gentleman. 

Here’s Dustin looking as classy as Tasha from Bad Girls Club 7 in a fancy tie and dress shirt. “Red carpeted to a yacht, bottles ready to pop.” - Tasha, the "realest" bitch on bgc7.

Jacket - some unimportant brand from Daffy’s

Gingham dress shirt - Ben Sherman

Knit tie - H&M (the very cla$$y section)

Black wax denim jeans - Bullhead

Shoes - H&M (again, the very cla$$y section)

Black canvas/leather tote - Calvin Klein

Location - Our rooftop, Jersey City, NJ

Fall Tweed

With the colder weather last week, it’s been hard to wear blazers without getting goosebumps. This tweed blazer which has actually been sitting in the closet for 3 years (practically vintage) was finally ready to wear once we brushed off the dust since the weather here has been great. Paired with darker colors underneath and nice shined shoes gives it a dressier, more sophisticated look. We could have chosen to wear it more casually, but we’ll just do that in another post.

Without further ado, Dustin would like to show you all how happy he is now that he can finally wear the tweed blazer.  I assure you, he is smiling on the inside.

Slim grey tweed blazer - Uniqlo

Plaid flannel button down - Uniqlo

Black cotton/cashmere crewneck sweater - Club Monaco

Slim jeans - Uniqlo (I swear we shop at other stores…this is not an advertisment)

Black dress shoes - Aldo

Fall Colors, Part 2

Fall colors doesn’t always have to be warm earth tones. For this outfit we paired bright jeans with a light cardigan and henley for a different take. Here’s Dustin doing lots of squinting and not smiling on the roof.

Navy cotton blazer - H&M

Light grey cardigan - Daffy’s

White short sleeve henley - Heritage

Salmon stretch denim jeans - Topman

Canvas rucksack - Topman

Orange dress socks - Uniqlo

Brown desert boots and blue laces - J.Crew