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Blogs We Love: Closet Freaks

Check out our interview by fellow Jersey City blog 500sandwiches. We talk FOOD and of course, FASHION!


500 Tasty Sandwiches loves to celebrate local food, drink and talent whenever possible. For the test kitchen local translates to Jersey City and that little island across the river, Manhattan. This week happens to be Fashion Week in NYC, a kinda-sorta big deal in our neck of the woods. Which made me think, food and fashion have a lot in common: both are dictated by season and while everyone eats and wears clothes, not everyone does so fabulously. Today I’m featuring fellow Jersey City bloggers, Closet Freaks, “two guys in love sharing one closet”, who just so happen to know a thing or two about fashion. I asked Anthony and Dustin a few questions on style and yes, food…

Justify Your Existence
Closet Freaks is a blog about our love of fashion and our love of, well, each other! As a couple with the fortunate ability to share clothes – we wear the same size in everything, shoes included – we saw a great opportunity to showcase this unique facet of being being together.

Our blog is a way for us to use our personal style to inspire ideas for guys and gals looking to boost their style game. It’s not about looking like a model. It’s about looking like the best possible “you.” Though we love designer fashion, we’re real guys on a real budget. Hopefully readers can learn how to remix their existing wardrobe by taking cues from the outfits we create. And when you need to treat yourself to something new, we do our best to show you what to splurge on and what to save on.

What Does It Mean To “Dress Well”?
Dressing well means feeling confident in your clothes and knowing what works for you. It means wearing clothes that fit properly, accent your features, and compliment your personality. A well dressed person is someone who really owns their style.

What Inspires Your Unique Style?
As bloggers, the internet is obviously a huge source of inspiration. We can pull ideas from different blogs and fashion websites to get great ideas on incorporating certain elements into our style. Fashion magazines, TV shows are also a big inspiration.

What Is Your Advice For The Fashion-Challenged?
Proper fit is everything. Start with that and stick to the basics. A t-shirt and jeans? No-brainer. Just concentrate on finding pieces that fit well - fit close to the body, not too tight or too loose - and you can’t go wrong. Everyone looks great in dark denim and a plain white tee.

Favorite Jersey City Restaurants?
We’re not that adventurous when it comes to food. We could totally be fine eating pizza and burgers for the rest of our lives. But when it comes to our favorite restaurants in JC, two places stand out for food and atmosphere: Madame Claude’s (364 ½ 4th Street, Jersey City) and the Brownstone (426 Jersey Avenue, Jersey City). Madame Claude’s has the perfect cozy feel for a romantic date night or a weekend brunch with friends on the sidewalk seating. We could eat crepes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner they’re soo good.

The Brownstone is just all around amazing. Anything you can want in generous portions. Fashion tip: elastic waistbands for an all you can eat good time.

What’s Your Poison?
Maybe we’re still stuck in our college years but we’re more of the “drink to get drunk” mentality and not nearly as picky with our alcohol as we should be. We do enjoy sweeter drinks. We’re thinking a warm bourbon cider in winter or an ice cold flavored margarita in the summer. Other than that it’s whatever’s on sale, on tap, or free =)

- Anthony & Dustin

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