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Would You Wear A Jacket With Shorts?

Because Apparently It’s A “Thing” So Let’s Discuss

You’ll see it on the runway, in the mags, and on the mannequins but like literally WTF weather are you actually dressing for? It’s like the spring sweater, leather shorts, or summer beanie - they don’t actually make sense from a weather standpoint but somehow still exist IRL. Logically, if it’s warm enough to be baring your legs from the knee down (or maybe from just above the knee depending on who you ask), you’d assume it would be too warm for a long sleeve top, not to mention another layer like a jacket. So why is this seemingly illogical jacket/shorts combo a thing? Because it’s FASHUNNNN (but like mainly because my only 3 remaining brain cells have already been exhausted trying to come up with a legit answer). So let’s just all accept that it might not make sense but it still looks mad kyoot, k?

Examples of the long on top short on bottom look done right? Think Nick Wooster in a shorts suit, J. Crew catalogs with guys in “spring” sweaters and khaki shorts, or like beach vibez with a white linen shirt and patterned trunks. I suppose I could link to the references above but then someone would need to cut me a check. Seriously though. Instead, I’m serving you all the shamelessness with this shining example of a jacket and shorts outfit that hits the nail on the head as executed by none other than moi. So now it’s your turn. Would you wear a jacket with shorts? Think about it before you hit the clurb tonight and keep it 100 in the comments letting me know whether you love it or hate it. 


Boohoo Jacket //  Boohoo Shirt   //  Boohoo Shorts  //  Public School x Generic Man (Similar) Shoes  //  MBS MFG CO Hat

Because Blue Is For Boys

A Manly Monochromatic Trend

Did I mention that blue is my favorite color? If I were to take inventory of my entire wardrobe I’d say at least 50% of what I own is some shade of blue. I guess it comes pretty naturally then for me to continually find myself in all blue monochromatic outfis, but don’t think I’m the only one. Year after year designers embrace the trend of creating interesting outfits from a single color or varied shades of one color as we see their looks go down the runways. It can be a bold look for sure if you’re doing neons or pastels but more subtle looks can be achieved by sticking with neutrals like gray, black, tan, and white. For this outfit here I started with a color block shirt with shades of blue and paired it with darker navy joggers. I picked up the grey accent color in the shirt with a grey, printed sneaker, and rounded out the look with a pair of bright blue sunglasses. If you’re looking to try monochromatic dressing start with a color you’re comfortable with in simple layers of no-fuss pieces to break the ice. If you master that, it’s only a matter of time before you’re strutting the streets like


American Eagle Shirt //  Cadet Pants   //  Tretorn Sneakers  //  AM Eyewear Sunglasses

The New Classic

Wardrobe Staples For This Spring

Just because you’re keeping it simple doesn’t mean you have to be boring. Here I put together some of my favorite classics in a casual outfit for running around the city last weekend. The jacket is a modern take on the old-school varsity with its slimmer fit and it’s made of cotton instead of the usual wool making it the perfect transitional piece for this weather. The t-shirt is another fun spin on a classic. Though it appears to be just another solid tee from the front, the striped back kicks the style up a notch. The jeans are anything but your dad’s 501’s. This new “dad denim” is soft and stretchy for comfort and distressed just right to get an authentic worn-in look without the hassle. Of course some things never change, and besides why would change something as perfect as a pair of chucks?


Golden Bear (Similar) Jacket //  French Connection T-shirt  //  DL1961 Jeans  //  Converse Sneakers

Here’s The Skinny On Horizontal Stripes

Debunking One Of Fashion’s Oldest Myths

For whatever reason, the notion that horizontal stripes make you look fat while vertical stripes make you look skinny has been passed down through the generations. I’m not even entirely sure who started this rumor but feel free to do a quick Google search if you’re really that curious. I guess the “logic” behind this myth is that when you wear vertical stripes, a viewer’s eyes tend to follow the lines of your clothing, looking down your body, therefore slimming and elongating your appearance. In contrast, viewers perceive you to look wider when you wear horizontal stripes as their eyes gaze from left to right. 

I for one love me some stripes! I mean I’d never get to pull of that oh-so-trending nautical vibe this summer if I had to banish stripes from my wardrobe! I think a key oversight in this age-old urban legend of fashion is the fit and the cut of the clothing. Forget the fact that it’s solid or striped, what’s the shape like? To me a slim shirt in any pattern would look flattering on the wearer. So instead of focusing on which way the lines go, focus instead on how the clothes fit you. And if all else fails…wear black.


Armani Exchange Jacket //  Life/After/Denim Shirt  //  PacSun Cargo Pants  //  Rockport Shoes

How To Wear Basics Without Looking Basic

You Could Start By Ripping Off The Runway…

For fashun people, being #firsworldproblems “poor” means not being able to afford the it piece from this season’s designer collections or sleeping on that sample sale because you were too busy shopping the Zara clearance. But just because you only have an H&M budget, doesn’t mean you have to be relegated to looking like a basic bitch. By drawing ~*~inspo~*~ from current runway trends that are more on the simplistic, minimal side, you can recreate a designer aesthetic with money you actually have. Take for example, the elevated athletic/streetwear trend that we’ve been seeing a lot of for Spring/Summer 14.

Alexander Wang above and Damir Doma below both showcased black on black looks with the similar bomber jacket/shorts silhouette.

For SS13 Y-3 rounded out the athletic vibe with the striped tube socks and sneakers and again more of the black/white color combo (shown below).

And there’s of course the street wear brands like Hood By Air and Pyrex doing similar things with screen printed numbers and logos on jersey and mesh shorts and tees. I mean if you can afford to shell out a few stacks to cop these looks - good for you. For those of us who can’t, it’s pretty simple to work around it. A pair of black basketball or sweat shorts and a black or white tee mixed with some high/low accessorizing can get you pretty close to achieving that high-end summer streetwear aesthetic. Peep my links below to see how I used some summer basics to create this not-so-basic look. 


French Connection Bomber Jacket //  District Clothing T-Shirt  //  District Clothing (SimilarShorts  //  American Apparel (Similar) Socks  //  H&M Snapback  //  Giles & Brother Bracelet  //  Shashi Bracelet  // Eytys Sneakers