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Stripes, Not Just For Sailors

Nautical Vibes Minus The Seasickness 

Summer stripes may have a very preppy, nautical vibe to them but you don’t necessarily have to own a boat (or be on one) to pull them off properly. Case in point, a few weeks ago I found out I’d be going to Nantucket for the weekend, so like basically the polo, sun-faded chino, boat shoe island capital of the US, and I got on just fine with a weekender full of stripes. I like to wear my stripes in navy, white, and gray because you can mix these colors with practically anything. My suggestion is to just pair them with colored chinos and then a lightweight canvas sneaker. Literally a no-brainer. So even if you’re spending more time at the bar than on the deck, you can still pull of that sailor-chic look without having to take any dramamine. 

Shot in the beautiful streets of Nantucket, MA.


LL Bean Signature Polo  //  Hudson Jeans Chinos  //  Florsheim Shoes  //  Gant Rugger Sunglasses  // TRIWA Watch


The Perfect Match

A Singles’ Guide To Shopping  

Life for a single twenty-something can seem hopeless in the love department but that doesn’t mean you still can’t find a perfect match. And no, I’m not talking Tinder, OkCupid, or, I’m talking a little retail therapy, the next best thing to having a significant other besides Netflix or Ben & Jerry’s. The benefit to this is twofold - you’ll look and feel better in your new clothes, which will therefore help you land a date! So where do we begin? Let’s start with matching separates. I’ve previously mentioned that I’m basically in love with this idea. I mean it’s literally the easiest fashion trend to pull off because it doesn’t involve any tricky rules for coordinating colors or mixing patterns. All you have to do is find a top and bottom that match - a task most five-year-olds could handle. Stores and brands like ASOS, Opening Ceremony, and Topman among many, many others all offer a variety of options for the twin set trend so you’ll have no shortage of places to shop. For this outfit, I found my perfect match with this playful summery shorts set and wore it out in Amsterdam for our first date. I chose a smaller embroidered print for a more subtle approach but you can experiment with bold prints to really make a statement. You can even keep it monochromatic like this recent outfit I wore here in a solid color palette. As you can see, there’s a lot of ways to pull this off. So what are your thoughts on this trend? Are you swiping left, or swiping right?

Shot in beautiful Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Altru Shirt  //  Altru Shorts  //  Eytys Sneakers  //  Warby Parker Sunglasses


This Is My Version Of Subtle

An OOTD From Amsterdam 

I guess my brain must be missing the less-is-more filter because apparently my idea of subtle still involves shiny fabrics and bright colors. To my defense, at least I stuck to all solids instead of any print on print combos. Seeee! Subtle right? Anyway, questionable color choices aside, there’s still quite a few things I really love about this outfit. First of all there’s the simplicity of the white shirt. When you’re used to a lot of prints, it’s sometimes easy to forget that a crisp, clean white button down can make just as big a statement as any bold pattern. I also love the juxtaposition of the dressier trousers with a more casual sports sandal. I mean granted the sandals are a glittery gold, but the idea of mixing the two separate styles in a way that still works and is comfortable (bonus points!) could be a fun way to experiment with clothes in your wardrobe. And lastly, there’s the silver jacket. When you add such a loud piece like this to your closet - you’re kinda like wait, why did I do this again - but now I’m finding that it’s actually proving to be very versatile. On its own it can be pretty flashy but if you tone it down with a pair of black or white pants, it becomes almost as neutral as wearing a non-shimmery shade of grey. 

On another note, the pictures were taken during a recent trip to Amsterdam. I took the day to explore the EYE which is a film museum. Oddly enough, I spent most of my time outside admiring the architecture of the building than I did inside exploring the exhibits.

(Shot this in Amsterdam at the EYE film museum. Be sure to follow me on Instagram @oh_anthonio for more photos of my Amsterdam experience!)


Boohoo Jacket  //  Calvin Klein Shirt  //  ASOS Trousers  //  Teva x Opening Ceremony Sandals  //  Gant Rugger Sunglasses


1, 2, 3, 4 I Don’t Even Know The Score

The Non-Sportsfan’s Guide To Wearing A Jersey 

Remember the days when wearing sports jersey’s were reserved for people actually playing sports or when it was socially acceptable to wear them for big games like the Super Bowl? Well it seems like jersey’s have become kind of a trend now for the every day so as long as that’s happening let’s discuss some do’s and don’ts before jumping on the bandwagon.

DON’T wear the jersey for a team or player you don’t actually know. Literally nothing is more annoying/embarrassing than getting mistaken as a fellow sportsfan by some bar bro and having to explain that you don’t actually watch the sport and just liked the colors because they matched your outfit.

DO wear a Jordan 23 jersey because ever since Miley we no longer have to pretend we care about basketball to cut our Jordan jersey into a crop top and wear it to the clurb.

DON’T ever borrow your older brother’s/boyfriend’s/husband’s limited edition, autographed, sports jersey and cut into a crop top to wear to the clurb.

DO buy a “fashion” jersey aka mesh tank, mesh crop top, from whatever fashion retailer fits your budget.

And most importantly, DON’T …like literally never… set foot into a sporting goods store to buy an actual/“authentic”/licensed sports jersey. 


Boohoo Shirt  //  Hudson Jeans Denim  //  Converse x John Varvatos Sneakers  //  Ambig Hat


All Black Everything Struttin is a habit

Bringing Back Black

The Answer To All Your “What To Wear” Dilemmas 

Let’s face it, you probably go through the “what-am-I-gonna-wear” struggle at least a few times a week, and for me it usually results in the same outcome: just wear black. Now that summer’s finally heating up - it actually means it’s time to forget about summer and start shopping for Fall (fashun’s like so random) and the first thing on your shopping list should be a pair of black skinny jeans. They will literally be your savior anytime you don’t know what to wear because black is always in style and will pretty much go with anything in your closet. For this outfit, I test drove a pair of new black Express skinnies #EXPRESSJEANS and paired them with - you guessed it - more black! I really love how they fit nice and snug but without being skin tight for that perfect balance of style and comfort. Definitely put these jeans on your must-have list.


Express Jacket  //  Express Shirt  //  Express Alec Super Skinny Jean  //  Florsheim Shoes


This post was written as a part of my collaboration with Express. All photos were taken by Justin and edited by me.