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Wear It White

How To Wear White This Spring

Now that the sun has finally made an appearance this season, it’s again okay to start bringing spring colors into your outfits. A look I’ve been really into lately is the idea of an all white everything look (well mostly all white) as an antithesis to all the dark colors I’ve been wearing all winter long. Wearing white gives off a very fresh, clean vibe and not to mention it can help you look really tan even if you haven’t been to the beach yet. While you might decide to try this trend out for yourself, getting decked out in all white from head to toe might not be the best way to incorporate this color into your looks. Instead, try white pants first and then a mostly white top with a print or pattern to break it up a little like I did in this outfit. How are you wearing white this spring? Leave a comment and show me some of your favorite looks or inspiration.


French Connection Jacket //  French Connection Shirt  //  Express Trousers  //  Express Hat  //  Vans Shoes

You Mad At My Weave?

Why You Should Be Wearing Madras This Spring

The thing about New York City in the spring/summer is that it get’s really brutally hot and it’s almost impossible to find clothes that are breathable and still look good. Solution? Madras fabric makes the perfect alternative to your standard cotton tee in this weather because it has a very light weave so the fabric is super airy and breathable. You’ll typically see it in a textured plaid pattern, so think of it as your “spring/summer flannel” and wear it with literally all the things. Patchwork madras, like the shirt I’m wearing in this outfit, is also a pretty common design and since I’ve lately become obsessed with all things patchwork, it goes without saying that I’m all for it. So what do you think? Will you be wearing madras cloth to keep cool this season?


Bespoken (Similar) Blazer //  Tailor Vintage Shirt  //  Joe’s Jeans Pants  //  ASOS Hat  //  Florsheim Shoes

You Should Totally Be Wearing White Pants

Just Don’t Order Any Red Wine

This Thursday GQ + Glamour + Express are hosting a special #Back2Business happy hour to celebrate the opening of the newest Express store in Times Square New York and I had the special opportunity to get decked out in my cocktail attire best from their latest collection. Naturally, I decided to keep things fresh with some crisp new white trousers, a trend I’ve been eager to wear since last month’s crazy non-spring-like weather.

Nothing quite says spring has arrived than donning a new pair of white pants and since the occasion happens to involve one of my favorite past times, boozing, I did my best to create a warm weather cocktail party look. I paired my white trousers with a light pinstripe cotton blazer and a neutral color-blocked shirt for a sophisticated but fun monochromatic look, and chose my new “sprinkle” wingtip shoes to add a pop of color to the outfit.

If you happen to be in the NYC area tomorrow, feel free to stop by the public event and say hello!


Express Blazer //  Express Shirt  //  Express Trousers  //  Caravelle New York Watch  //  Florsheim x Duckie Brown Shoes


If The Suit Fits

A Spring Suit With Some Personality

I have a pretty adventurous spirit so it only makes sense that my personal style would follow “suit”. When it comes to tailored menswear, I can appreciate tradition and well-made garments but I’m always looking for that special something to match my vibrant personality. I recently picked out this suit from Ted Baker to wear to a wedding and I couldn’t be happier with my choice. Ted Baker is known for their quirkier twist on menswear and it’s this special quality that I’ve alway admired in the brand, one that makes it a perfect match for my eclectic style. Every detail from the red threading on the lapel hole, built in polka dot pocket square, and the unexpected mix of colors in the fabric were exactly what I needed for a pop of personality in my suit. Life inside the box can be pretty boring so next time you’re looking for a special occasion suit consider trying something a little more daring!


Ted Baker Suit //  Title Of Work Tie  //  To Boot New York Shoes  //  TRIWA Watch

Is That A Banana In Your Pocket?

I Mean It Coud Be…  |  Why Cargo Pants Are Still Kewl

There was a time when cargo pants were reserved strictly for the military and then in the 90’s Old Navy happened and everyone had a pair of them baggy pants with those big ass pockets protruding from the side of your thighs. Although they’ve had their fair share of fashion shame and a reputation for not being the most flattering pair of pants, I happen to love the look and here’s why. First of all they’re actually useful. You may not be filing your cargo pockets with extra bullets like a solider (if you are, well, we just won’t touch that subject for right now), but you can now ditch the murse and put your gum, keys, or hey even a banana in your pockets. Second, they can be flattering as long as you buy the right kind. Slim down the legs and pockets, and your cargos will look just as clean as a pair of plain chinos except these will have more flair. I chose a bit of a baggier style for my cargos, but because i rolled them tight at the bottom, they still have that slim look. And lastly, they’re so versatile. Wear them casually with a tee or dress them up with a blazer. You can style them as you would your favorite pair of chinos if you’re looking to mix things up in your personal style.

And not to be neglected, I made sure my top had some pockets as well. But not just one, like a lot, in this super cute utilitarian-ish bomber I recently got. Links below for some shopping if you’re so inclined. Happy Friday!


French Connection Jacket //  French Connection Shirt  //  Armani Exchange Pants  //  Tsubo Shoes  //  David & Young Scarf