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Men’s Sandals…It’s Okay Guys

Spring 2014 Men’s Sandals

Hear me out! Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t be caught dead in sandals anywhere but the beach or the pool, but that’s because I haven’t yet found the right pair that makes sense to wear IRL. Birks, Teva’s, and “gladiators” are cool again so why not give your toes some breathing room this season and give in to the “mandal”. But not just any sandal. Flip flops are for the non-faction. What you’ll want is a manly sandal - something with a sturdy sole and not too frilly. I chose this black leather pair with simple straps because you can wear it casually or even a little “dressed up,” but mostly because black goes with literally everything.

For this outfit I tried to rethink my spring comfy/casual which would normally be some crappy tee and a pair of jeans, and “elevate” my casual basics with pieces that look more chic. *Puts 50 cents in the buzzword jar* I went with slouchy trousers and an oversized jersey sweatshirt and light bomber in a darker color palette because in fashinn dark colors = fancy. And you know what else is fancy? Matching tech accessories, especially in leather. But I digress. One last thing to consider before you go sans socks this spring is the condition of your “winter feet.” Get a pedicure, put some lotion on those toes, and for the love of humanity please cure that athlete’s foot with some powder. So what do we think? Yes or no to men’s sandals? Chime in with a comment!


Slate & Stone Bomber //  Territory Ahead Sweater  //  Zara Pants  //  ALDO Sandals  //  TRIWA Sunglasses  //  Ted Baker iPad Case  // Zero Gravity iPhone Case

Spotted This Spring

Men’s Animal Print Clothing

It might’ve taken a while but we finally got a taste of some nice spring weather this weekend in New York. It was the perfect opportunity to break out some shorts and give my legs some breathing room. Although I’m not too much of a “shorts” guy I do love a loud print so when I saw this sweater and pair of shorts I knew I had to be a little wild and pair them together for a playful look that was perfect for wandering about my neighborhood. Hope you all had the chance to enjoy the beautiful weekend. Happy Spring!


French Connection Sweater //  French Connection Shorts  //  MBS MFG CO Hat  //  Vans Shoes

Gone Fishing

Put The Bucket Hat On Your Style Bucket List

Hate it or love it, the internet’s most controversial hat (save maybe Pharrel’s Vivienne Westwood “Grammy hat”) doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Year after year the bucket hat lives on, from Gilligan in the mid 60’s, to rappers of the mid 80s, and now today with Japanese-Americana menswear enthusiasts. I’ll admit that I didn’t always “get” it, but I fell in love the instant I tried one on. Why? I mean a) too lazy to do my hair, b) goes better than a snapback with some outfits, c) it’s actually functional for keeping you cool, and d) I just love the look.

I chose to style my bucket hat with a workewear/fisher-dude vibe in a thrifted denim vest and some dropcrotch cotton pants. The perfect accessories for this look include my new handwoven Japanese sashiko and chambray split bandana by Kiriko and this handsomely rugged leather bracelet from the amazing new Coach + Philip Crangi collaboration.

Below are some of my favorite looks that demonstrate more ways you can rock a bucket hat with style this spring.

(L to R: Billy Reid S14, Shades Of Grey S14, Visvim S13, Billy Reid S14, Shades of Grey S14)


H&M Shirt //  Thrifted Vest  //  Tavik via Pants  //  Ugg Australia Shoes  //  Kiriko Neckerchief  // Coach + Philip Crangi Bracelet

Wear It White

How To Wear White This Spring

Now that the sun has finally made an appearance this season, it’s again okay to start bringing spring colors into your outfits. A look I’ve been really into lately is the idea of an all white everything look (well mostly all white) as an antithesis to all the dark colors I’ve been wearing all winter long. Wearing white gives off a very fresh, clean vibe and not to mention it can help you look really tan even if you haven’t been to the beach yet. While you might decide to try this trend out for yourself, getting decked out in all white from head to toe might not be the best way to incorporate this color into your looks. Instead, try white pants first and then a mostly white top with a print or pattern to break it up a little like I did in this outfit. How are you wearing white this spring? Leave a comment and show me some of your favorite looks or inspiration.


French Connection Jacket //  French Connection Shirt  //  Express Trousers  //  Express Hat  //  Vans Shoes

You Mad At My Weave?

Why You Should Be Wearing Madras This Spring

The thing about New York City in the spring/summer is that it get’s really brutally hot and it’s almost impossible to find clothes that are breathable and still look good. Solution? Madras fabric makes the perfect alternative to your standard cotton tee in this weather because it has a very light weave so the fabric is super airy and breathable. You’ll typically see it in a textured plaid pattern, so think of it as your “spring/summer flannel” and wear it with literally all the things. Patchwork madras, like the shirt I’m wearing in this outfit, is also a pretty common design and since I’ve lately become obsessed with all things patchwork, it goes without saying that I’m all for it. So what do you think? Will you be wearing madras cloth to keep cool this season?


Bespoken (Similar) Blazer //  Tailor Vintage Shirt  //  Joe’s Jeans Pants  //  ASOS Hat  //  Florsheim Shoes