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Game, Set, Match

How To Pull Off The Matching Separates Trend

It’s actually pretty self-explanatory and your Mom probably did it for you as a kid in a matching sweats suit. Basically, just buy a top and bottom that match, like duh. The great thing about this trend is that it involves literally no thought and it’s meant to be a little quirky so have fun with it! You can pull it off with a bomber and shorts, tee and shorts, tee and pants, but you already knew that so I’ll just cut to some of my favorite coordinated top/bottom lewks below.  

(L to R) Monitaly, Gitman Brothers x Opening Ceremony, Kenzo, Keenkeee

My whole outfit here is from Zappos. If you thought they only sold shoes, then you need to browse the site and see all they have to offer which includes clothing AND Zappos Couture *snaps girl* so peep my links below and be sure to surf around the site!


Obey Hat //  Obey Shirt  //  Obey Shorts  //  Nike Shoes

We’re Still Obsessed With Bomber Jackets

The Jacket Of The Season For All The Right Reasons

Remember when varsity and moto jackets were the thing last season? Consider the bomber jacket it’s new replacement! It’s sporty, it’s classic, and now thanks to high end designer versions in satin, silk, and everything luxe, it’s also like soooor chic. The one I’m sporting here leans on the more classic side but that bright blue color is giving you all that YASSS to keep it current. Whether it’s embellished, embroidered, or tricked out in prints there’s literally a style to suit everyone’s tastes. I prefer mines on the sportier side with that double zipper so I can rock it cholo style, pero like, it’s T.I. so you can have whatever you like. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite bombers this season so go get ya click on below.



Alpha Industries Jacket //  Calvin Klein (Similar) Shirt  //  American Eagle Jeans  //  Cordwain Shoes

Slouchy Dressing For The Cozy Boy In You

Justifying The Fashun Sweats Movement

The day I bought my first pair of “fashion” sweats was the day I knew that I much prefer dressing for comfort over style, no matter how snatched I look in a suit. For those naysayers still denouncing sweats in public, it must be pretty hard not to adapt to the changing trends since luxury loungewear has become a big market in the street wear and high fashion scene. There’s even an actual term for this fad, “cozy boy,” but I’ll just let the writers at Four Pins explain the origins of that one. I mean if there’s a way to marry style and comfort in super luxe looking sweatshirts, sweatpants, track pants, tees, jerseys, and hoodies, then like ZOMFG, #CanILive, and what’s the GD problem? Luckily, almost every brand and designer has their own version of fashion sweats in their line so y’all can stay cozy while the haters stay pressed.

For this outfit I’m wearing a short sleeved jersey hoody by Matiere, a little oversized for just the right amount of drape. I picked up the pants from OAK which I’m obsessed with because I love slouchy, baggy, pants with big pockets and generally anything unflattering to the body.  Then there’s the bucket hat and socks with sandals because the internet. No but seriously, what better way to stay cozy than not having to wear actual shoes or get your hair did? Am I right?

PS - Apologies for the black and white. This was not an attempt to make “art” just really awful lighting during this particular shoot #bloggerproblems


Matiere Hoody //  A OK by OAK Pants  //  Teva Sandals  //  Express Hat

Some Edumacation On Sublimation

Learn Ya Self Somethin On This New Dye Printing Technique

From high end designers to fast fashion retailers, everyone seems to be on board with the new dye sublimation printing process. “Surr many big words, but what does it all mean Anthony??” Basically, a fancy printer uses heat to transfer dye onto fabric before the dye becomes a solid. So unlike a screen-printed tee, the ink is actually “infused” into the fabric meaning no fading, no bleeding in the warsh, and also the ability to transfer bigger designs and photograph-like prints onto your maleswearz. If you’re like me and not afraid to make a statement in a bold print, then this trend is giving you all the YASSS so go on and thrive girl!  In this outfit, I’m wearing an all-over floral sublimation print sweater with some wannabe (pero like cute) neoprene-ish shorts. Paired it with some sneaks and a snapback for that high-end sporty-chic look that’s oh-so-trending right now. Check out the carousel below to shop some of my favorite new items using sublimated prints. You can thank me later for all the compliments you’ll get. *praying hands emoji*

Thanks to Fred for snapping these pics


Boohoo Man Sweater //  Boohoo Man Shorts  //  APC x Nike Air Max (Similar) Sneakers  //  Ambig (Similar) Hat  //  Monokel Sunglasses


Consider The Knitted Polo Sweater

For A Dad-core Spring Lewk

A subset of the sorta non-sensical “spring sweater” category, the knitted polo sweater is lightweight, usually banded at the bottom, and has a distinctively retro feel to it. Think vintage kewl Dad or like an off-duty Don Draper to put it in perspective. Aside from its chic throwback appeal, my favorite part about this particular article of clothing is the banded hemline. It will literally give you a waistline and make you appear skinny minnie - oh hayyyyy - and if that doesn’t appeal to you then you’re obviously crazy. And let’s face it, as we lose the ability to add interest to our warmer-ish weather outfits by layering all the clothes, the polo sweater is a unique alternative to the rotation of button downs and tees we’ll be sporting throughout the spring. Thoughts?


Ted Baker (Similar) Shirt //  Original Penguin (Similar) Trousers  //  UGG Shoes  //  Daniel Wellington Watch