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Happy Halloween everyone! This year Dustin and I dressed as cat burglars. We already had most of the costume, just needed a few accessories. We made our "swag bags" out of black pillow cases and rope, and used fabric paint to add the dollar signs. Also added some fake money and a stuffed cat to make it more fun.

Anyway, check out the pics to watch as Dustin climbs the fire escape, breaks into the back door, and steals the cat and money, only to get caught “red handed” and spend his Halloween behind bars. Better luck next time Dusty!

Navy/white striped shirt - Heritage

Black knit cap, black and red gloves - Conways

Mask - Party City

Black undershirt (for the Halloween snow! wtf NYC) - Under Armour

Black jeans - H&M

Black sneakers - PF Flyers