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Women in Menswear: Stephanie

Stephanie’s back on our blog with another look. This time, menswear inspired. She took the classic button down and sweater combo and added a feminine touch with the vintage yarn detailing on the sweater. Slim pants in a feminine burgundy and cutouts in her men’s inspired shoes round out the look.

Sweater - Vintage, Another Man’s Treasure

Shirt - J. Crew Men’s, borrowed from us

Pants - BDG via UO

Shoes - UO

Hat - Vintage, Rags-A-Gogo, borrowed from Dustin

Undies - "second hand", borrowed from Dustin (jayy kayy)

Location - Our rooftop, Jersey City, NJ

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The Vintage Dress

So this is something new for us… For all the people who asked about women’s fashion, this post is for you. Our friend Stephanie was kewl enough to bring over some of her clothes this weekend and let us take someupskirts photos of her.

We can’t take all the credit for the outfit though - Stephanie has a great sense of style and brought all the clothes, but we all had a hand in putting together the final outfit. We started with the beige 1950s vintage dress as the statement piece. It’s fun, feminine, and unique. Then completed the oufit with neutral black, white, and grey accessories all with their own special details.

Silk striped lining in the coat? Fun!

Heart patterned knee highs? Super cute!

Modern white/black striped belt? The perfect contrast to the vintage dress.

Suede double strap heels? Sessy!

But no outfit is complete without the perfect accessory. In this case it’s Henri, our favorite pekingese, looking super cute with his lion-dog hurr cut. (See what Henri’s up to at

This was a lot of fun! So thank you to Stephanie for being the brave guinea pig for our first women’s style post!

Black wool jacket - Marc by Marc Jacobs

Vintage 50’s dress - Another Man’s Treasure

Bodyshaper - Spanx via Nordstrom (Like a true Closet Freak, Stephanie keeps it real).

Collared shirt - H&M

Belt - H&M

Knee high socks - American Apparel

Shoes - Urban Outfitters

Location - Varick St at Mercer St, Jersey City, NJ

You fellas are so wonderful and have such a great sense of style! I know that there are a lot of blogs dedicated to women's fashion but, have you ever thought about extending your talents to the ladies as well? Even if it were only occasionally? <3

Asked by

We are definitely not experts in women’s fashion but we would love to try our hand at styling a women’s look. Now if we only knew some ladies who would be willing to open up their closets to us! haha. We like posting our own stuff and original content so it would be hard to showcase women’s fashion without any volunteers. We have some very stylish female friends that we could try to convince to take some pics for our blog. We’ll see what we can do with this so thanks for the challenge!

As far as style advice goes, if you have any specific questions feel free to message and we’ll give you our best advice!

- Anthony & Dustin