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Monochromatic Monday: Cobalt Edition

A Tribute To My Favorite Color

Ever since I was a kid I’ve always loved the color blue. Probably because as a boy I was forced to like it, but whatever - it stuck and I’m not mad at it. It’s no surprise then that literally half of all my clothes are some shade of blue because I tend to always gravitate towards this color. While darker shades like navy are really easy to integrate into a “guy’s” wardrobe, a bolder, brighter hue is a little more challenging, especially for those guys who are scared of a little color. For today’s post I chose to highlight a happy and bright cobalt blue in this monochromatic outfit. It’s definitely a bold look, but one that really makes a statement which is a perfect way to start another new week.


Opening Ceremony Shirt  //  Topman Trousers  //  ASOS + (Similar) Shoes


It’s Leather Weather

At Least That’s What The Internet Is Saying

There comes a time in the middle of fall when the air is just crisp enough to throw on that extra luxurious layer of fabric known as leather. If you’re like me, you’ve been waiting all summer long to finally bust out your leather jacket so when that moment hits you just have to go for it…even if that moment occurs on a trip to upstate New York to go apple picking. I’ll admit that a leather jacket doesn’t seem to make the most sense when you think of getting dressed to go to a farm but hey, when you live in NYC, anything goes is the going motto when it comes to fashunz. Even in a plaid shirt and a pair of dark denim, my trusty moto jacket makes this otherwise basic outfit feel “cool.” It’s literally the piece that turns Old MacDonald into badass urban farmer. So if you haven’t yet, what are you waiting for? It’s leather season so go forth!


ASOS Jacket  //  J.Crew (Similar) Shirt  //  Hudson Jeans  //  Puma Pants  //  WeSC Hat


What’s That Jacket?

The Best Designer Jacket You Never Bought

If the weekend chill wasn’t enough to nudge you into your winter coat search, then allow me. Every year I run into the same caviar-dreams-on-a-ramen-noodle-budget predicament when it comes to finding the perfect winter coat. But because this is reality, I know my money would be better spent on say…having a place to live this winter rather than a designer coat. (Although said designer coat could potentially keep me warm enough should I have to live in a cardboard box.) Well luckily, for me I was able to find a VERY luxe looking jacket at Express! I mean the color and shape are pretty spot-on to a lot of designer jackets I’ve been seeing on the runways and with the extra attention to detail like the printed lining and the leather melton under the collar, you still get that opulent feel but at a price your entry-level salary can afford! See! I got you! Because I, too, identify with "the struggle." And because long length jackets are totes in this season, you might wanna stock up. This particular jacket comes in navy as well, and there’s also more classic wool peacoat and military coat styles for those of you more traditionally inclined.


Express Jacket  //  Express Shirt  //  Express Hoody  //  Chapter (Similar) Pants  // Camper Shoes


Disclosure: This post was written as a part of my collaboration with Express.

Jewel Tones Or Stripper Names?

A Night At The Roxbury With Ruby, Sapphire, & Emerald

For a lot of people, myself included, dressing in black is a comfort and it can be really hard to leave that safe dark place. But where’s the fun in always playing it safe, right? If spring/summer was the time for bold brights and neons, then let fall be the time for warm, rich jewel tones. And guys, they’re not just for ladies! While you don’t have to go as crazy as I did in this outfit (I tend to do the most), you can easily incorporate a gem tone in your outfit with accessories like a tie or sock. Wearing an emerald shirt or ruby trousers will definitely command attention, and I get it. This is not a look for your local dive bar, Sunday mass, or a trip to Whole Foods. But these rich, sophisticated colors make the perfect choice for cocktail parties or a “festive” night out, so who’s ready to party with me?


REISS (Similar) Suit Jacket  //  Topman Shirt  //  Original Penguin (Similar) Trousers  //  Florsheim x Duckie Brown (Similar) Shoes


LOL at my fuckin face. whatever. you win internet

Don’t Sweat It!

It’s Totally OKAY To Wear Sweatshirts Outside The House

Hey Guys! It’s Friday! We made it. All together now, “YASSSSSS!”

And just like I couldn’t be bothered to write this post, meh life, I also couldn’t be bothered to get like actually dressed. But that’s okay! Been lounging around in this sweatshirt for days (like actually going to sleep in it also) because it’s so comfy. And when you don’t have a boyfriend, a sweater is the next best thing to keep you warm at night. Sweatshirts are totes in right now and as long as you wear them with kewl jeans or trousers they can pretty much pass as fashunz. So there’s my Friday advice for you. That and TURN UP! Byeeeee!


Deep Antiquity Sweatshirt //  Chapter Trousers  //  French Connection Shoes