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do you know where to get nice floral print or any print button up shirts?

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Dustony Recommends: Floral Print Shirts

French Connection - We own this one

Woolen Rich Mills - Anthony’s top pick

Gitman Brothers Vintage - Dustin’s top pick

Original Penguin - Simple, subtle

Karmakula - Hawaiian

UPDATE:  Thanks to Alex for recommending this affordable option from L.E.C.

Lands’ End Canvas - Hawaiian

When it’s too warm to layer your clothing in the spring/summer months, floral print shirts are just one way to add interest to your outfits. They can be bold, subtle, or vintage feeling depending on what print you choose, but no matter what, they’ll always be fun. The options above are some of our favorites for the season.

Can’t afford some of these options? Try your local vintage or thrift store. You’ll be surprised at the selection of printed shirts and Hawaiian shirts available - stores are usually stocked full with them. The best part is, you’ll save yourself some money, and you can always use the savings to get the shirt tailored for a more modern slim fit.

Happy Shopping!

- Anthony & Dustin

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Wedding Weekend: Anthony

If you saw Dustin’s wedding outfit post from yesterday, you’ll notice that we both wore navy suits. Since we both wore the same color suit, we obviously wanted to make our outfits look different and stand out from one another. For Anthony’s outfit, we did a pale yellow floral print shirt which compliments the yellow in Dustin’s shirt. Not gonna lie, we had a hard time finding the right color tie to wear with the shirt. We chose the pink bow tie to play up some of the pink in the print of the shirt and then paired it with some light pink socks to tie the whole color scheme together. This is a good tip when chosing a tie to pair with a patterned/multicolored shirt:

Choose one accent color in the shirt and then wear a tie in a similar shade. Then use socks or a pocket square to really bring that color into the rest of the outfit.

Sidenote: The suit is by Joe Fresh and was a new purchase. It’s an unstructured blazer in a stretchy cotton fabric so it was super comfy and easy to move (read: dance like cray) in. It’s not the most formal material for a wedding but it works well since it’s appropriate for the season and the shirt, tie, and shoes help to dress it up a bit more.

Suit - Joe Fresh, blazer, pants

Shirt - French Connection

Bow tie - ASOS (Similar)

Socks - Uniqlo

Shoes - To Boot NYC (Similar)

Location - Hyatt Regency, Jersey City, NJ