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Ahh it's so lovely to see someone actually represent New Jersey in a classy and respectable way. I go to school in Boston and once people find out I'm from New Jersey they automatically bring up the Jersey Shore and ask if people actually dress and behave how they do on the show. Anthony & Dustin, your senses of style are impeccable. If I was a guy I'd totally dress like you! Everyone, people from NJ actually have good taste :) This blog makes me so happy hahahaha

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There is more to Jersey than Snooki and The Jersey Shore, like…

The Real Housewives of NJ

The Sopranos


Jersey Couture

Oh man our reputation is f*cked, right?

But thanks for the compliments, we are not all bad dressers!

- Anthony & Dustin


No. 100 | Winter Looks | NYC

So a very long time ago Alex, Anthony, and Dustin asked me to do this photoshoot.

It took us a few months, but we’re just getting around to releasing the outcome now. This is the first part of a series of installments from our shoot, so there’s more to come, but I’ll let these guys explain the rest…and yes, now the internet has even more photos of Alex!

No more previews. This the real deal right here.