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I have an internship interview next week and I'm looking to buy a new suit so I can look my best. Any suggestions on where to get a nice fitting suit for a decent price? I'm not very big so I think something on the slimmer fitting side would be best. Also, if the suit is black, do you think black suede desert boots (Clarks) would still work with it? Thanks for your advice and fantastic blog!

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Interview outfits always depend on the job you are applying for. For a corporate atmosphere a suit is usually a must but for more informal workplaces you can usually wear a sports jacket or blazer with slacks. You don’t want to look too formal so do your research on the company, but when in doubt, err on the side of being more dressed up.

As far as a suit goes, we recommend a nazvy suit because it will be the most versatile in our opinon for interviews, weddings, graduations, and other dressier occasions.

Check out Suitsupply for a great selection of suits around the $500 mark, which is a reasonable price for a good suit. J.Crew, Club Monaco, Century 21, and Macy’s are all places we’ve seen a good selection of business suits that are affordable.

We know you say black suit, but this might be a little too formal for an interview. If you do wear a black suit, wear a pair of black oxfords or wingtips. Desert boots would be too casual for the look of the suit.

Now that you know how to dress, make sure you bring extra copies of your resume, and do some practice questions.

Good luck!

- Anthony & Dustin