Harry Potter Costumes & Cosplay Ideas

I’m Mia and I am a cosplay lover, I spend all of my spare time looking at outfits, DIY’ing different things for me to use or for my friends to use and I love speaking to people who share the same love for cosplay and dressing up as I do. Today I wanted to talk to you about the legendary book series/film series that is Harry Potter. This series is so famous lots and lots of people from all over the world enjoy cosplaying different characters from their favorite movie, book and even now the broadway show (if you haven’t seen it yet, I really recommend it) and dressing up as these characters for Halloween parties or other events.

I personally love Harry Potter, I have read all of the books and watched all of the films ten times over so I can’t wait to share with you my favorite outfits and other ways you can really channel your inner wizard. Potterheads, I hope you love this as much as me.

Transform Yourself From A Muggle To A Wizard

There’s nothing at all wrong with being a muggle, I mean Hermoine is half a muggle of course and she is one of the most popular characters, however, when it comes to cosplay being something exciting and out of the ordinary, leaving your human form behind and transforming into a bold and brave wizard or witch is going to be essential. With just a costume and some accessories, maybe even a few catchphrases and you’re going to make an incredible character one worthy of joining Dumbledore’s army at a moment’s notice. As Albus Dumbledore says to Harry in the half-blood prince: “Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure”.

I am going to show you all of the costumes of my favorite characters, the people I enjoy cosplaying as, and if there are any you want me to include or you want to remind people about leave your suggestion in the comment section below fellow Potterhead.

“It means “dirty blood.” Mudblood’s a foul name for someone who’s Muggle-born. Someone with non-magic parents. Someone like me. It’s not a term one usually hears in civilized conversation.”Hermoines

The Best Harry Potter Costumes

We are going to kick things off with the Harry Potter costumes that I love. Cosplaying as Harry is quite straightforward, just don’t forget the little scar on his forehead! I also wanted to point out that with the Harry costume’s you can easily also be Ron Weasley, you just need a ginger wig and to lose the glasses. I am going to show you the costumes I really rate and the ones that always look great on whoever wears them, they’re all great high-quality pieces to suit everyone’s needs, I hope you enjoy them.

Harry’s Gryffindor Costume

harry potter costume

A classic Harry costume, an outfit we see him in throughout every movie. We know from the very beginning that Harry is destined to be a Gryffindor, the talking hat could see into Harry’s soul and knew he possessed courage, nerve, bravery, and reckless. This Gryffindor outfit is really high quality and looks like it’s been sent straight from Hogwarts. The robe is long and shrowding with an emblem of Gryffindor on the chest area just like the real one, the sweater the classic dark grey, and all of the colors are exact. It is an officially licensed costume which is always a good thing as you can be sure of all of the tiny details and be sure of it looking amazing on. The great thing also about this costume is hat you don’t have to play Harry Potter with it on, you can be any member of the Gryffindor house.

Harry Potter Gryffindor Quidditch Outfit

man dressed in quidditch outfit

Harry had some momentous Quidditch occasions and some people even state these are some of their favorite moments in the films. Quidditch is an exciting game that requires a lot of skill, teamwork, and bravery, lots of people love the quidditch costumes as not only are they are little different from the classic robe but it’s a sport all of us Potterheads wish we could participate in, even if it is just the once. The bright red and yellow colors ooze from the long robe, the arm covers are thick and sturdy to protect you from Slytherin brooms and nasty falls, the goggles protect your eyes from the elements and when it’s all put together this Quidditch costume looks really expensive and like you have bought it straight from the movie set. Just like with the robe above you can play anyone on the Gryffindor quidditch team, you don’t always have to stick with Harry perhaps give one of the Weasley twins a try?

Gryffindor Robe

man dressed up in harry potter costume

This is an officially licensed Gryffindor hooded robe that can bring your whole costume together. Wear it as you cosplay Hermoine, Harry, Ron or just about anyone else in the Gryffindor house. It’s great quality, it has the length and the shape absolutely correct for Hogwarts uniform and even the Gryffindor emblem would get you into the doors of Hogwarts and pass you off as a real witch or wizard. Keep things simple by wearing it with your a white shirt and black pants or get yourself a Hogwarts scarf and even a little wand to play around with. This robe is really inexpensive and can transform a costume instantly.

Harry Potter Kids Costume

kids harry potter costume

Lots of kids love Harry Potter as much as their adult counterparts and so I just had to show you this incredible costume, you get so much included for the money and it is bound to make any mini Potterhead scream with glee. They can cosplay and dress-up as their favorite Gryffindor character whenever they want as it comes with a trunk (with the Gryffindor crest on it), a wand, eyeglasses, the classic hooded robe, a scarf and the necktie. It has so much for them to use with their outfit, it is really great quality and for the price you can’t go wrong.

My Favorite Hermione Grainger Costumes

The next character I wanted to show you was of course Hermoine Grainger, Ron Weasley and Harry Potter are always a very popular cosplay and Halloween choice but we also have Hermoine who is also incredibly popular and well-loved for her bravery, her knowledge, her loyalty and her wonderful attitude. She is a feminist icon and I loved this trio so mcuh growing up and even as an adult now I feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I think about these three. However, you are not here to read about me being all soft about the famous three so here are my Hermoine Grainger costumes that I think you’re going to love.

Hermione Grainger

Hermione Grainger costume

This is my favorite Hermoine costume when wearing it you can’t help but feel like her. It’s so well-made, it feels like a real Hogwarts uniform something I had always wanted. It comes with so much for the price and it really allows you to put the outfit together was still being able to express your own Hermoine by crimping your hair (or you can get amazing Hermoine wigs), carrying some books, which if you are going to do I suggest making some fake books (here is a tutorial for that) or carrying books that are light as they will get tiring to carry around. You can also dress-up the outfit with heels or heeled boots or keep it simple with flats just the original Hermoine.

Childs Hermione Cosplay Outfit

girl dressed in hermione costume

I thought I would include a childs Hermoine cosplay outfit as I know how many children love her. It’s perfect for any child who wants to bring out and cosplay their inner Hermoine, it comes with everything you’re going to need to make them feel magical and it looks just like a Hogwarts uniform. Remember as Hermoine would keep it pristine, in perfect order and everything immaculate, she was a very proud student, a model student that set a very good exmaple for others and this outfit is no exception wear it with pride as you express yourself through Hermoine.

Hermione Wig

woman in hermione wig

Hermoine has infamous frizzy hair, most people can’t get it right as it is cut in a specific way and well, her hair is a reflection of her brave character. Some people like to braid their hair and then frizz it all up, some buy crimping tools like this one to do this faster and more efficiently than with a braid and some buy a specific Hermoine wig like the one above. It’s a great wig, it’s comfortable, it doesn’t itch and it gives you classic, perfect Hermoine hair whenever you need it. Getting her specific hair color and cut is really hard and being able to have an actual replica or her hair on your head will transform your outfit instantly.

Draco Malfoy Costume/Uniform Ideas

A villain, arrogant and prejudiced and overall unlikeable character but also a misunderstood character, a character who really shines in the final films and who actually ends up surprising us. Draco Malfoy is a very popular cosplayed character, lots of people love to be the villain, the Slytherin amongst the brave lion-hearted Gryffindors. Many people choose Draco for Halloween too as he and his Slytherin gang are the perfect anti-heroes we all know and can’t help but love. Remember as with all of these costumes if there is someone you prefer from Slytherin you can easily cosplay them once you have the Slytherin uniform, you just need to add your characteristics and you’re ready.

“We Slytherins are brave, yes, but not stupid. For instance, given the choice, we will always choose to save our own necks.”slytherin

Deluxe Slytherin Costume

man and woman dressed as draco malfoy

The classic green echoes boldly from this costume, it instantly shows anyone nearby what house you belong too and where your priorities lie. Being a Slytherin isn’t a bad thing, it just means you have different priorities such as they strive for ambition. This costume comes with everything you’re going to need to cosplay your favorite Slytherin character from the famous green and black robe with a high-quality Slytherin emblem on it, the classic grey sweater, necktie, and dickey. You can wear it with pants or a skirt to really tie it all in and make it your own. Remember if you are cosplaying Draco, don’t forget the striking blonde wig.

Union Suit

man dressed in slytherin union suit

Slytherins are known for their ambition, although that may mean they are striving to be the next Voldermort or possibly at a very high status in the wizarding world. This means they don’t always have time for their tedious school uniform and this hooded jumpsuit allows a Slytherin to easily step right into it and be done. It looks just like the normal, average uniform except it’s an all-in-one, saving you lots of time and giving you plenty of time to focus on your cunning plans. It has the classic Slytherin crest, the green tie, the green outlines of the robe and it does technically meet uniform requirements.

Kids Slytherin

boy and girl dressed in slytherin outfit

Not all kids want to be a Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, or a Ravenclaw some want to be a Slytherin and so I had to include a costume for those who enjoy the ‘villain’. It comes with the classic green and black hooded robe, the Hogwarts sweater, the dickey, and the necktie. Your child can then wear pants or a skirt and they can too cosplay and dress up this Halloween as their favorite Slytherin character. It’s great quality just like everything I have mentioned and it’s convincing enough to even convince the most senior members of Hogwarts that actually your child is, in fact, a new pupil.

Other Iconic Harry Potter Costume Ideas

Because not everyone wants to be the most popular character, you can use the uniforms and the costumes above and then wear them how you like as whatever character you like, you just need the baseline costume so that you can establish your house. However, I wanted to include some more iconic characters that are a little harder to cosplay as they call for some more complicated accessories and costumes. If there’s anyone you love let me know in the comments below and let me know how you cosplay them.


guy dressed up as dumbledore

“It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends.” – Dumbledore

Officially licensed this Dumbledore costume will have you feeling like the most superior wizard in absolutely no time at all. It’s made from really high-quality materials, the detailing on the tunic is incredible and really convincing. It’s really great what the have done with this costume as it isn’t that often you see a Dumbledore costume that isn’t just a long robe. This is deluxe so it has everything you’re going to need to cosplay this wise and gentle Wizard, it has something really special about it and there is no doubt when looking at it who you are cosplaying and just how powerful your magic is.

Beard And Wig: If you would rather have your own beard and wig that can be used for lots of other cosplay characters, this one is great. It doesn’t itch, it looks full and thick and it’s a really great price.


hagrid costume

Hagrid is one of my all-time favorite characters, he is loveable, he has a heart of gold and he only has the best of intentions for Harry and his friends. Although in the first film he may appear to be an unfriendly giant that couldn’t be unfurther from the truth. Despite his size he is a teddy bear and Potter fans far and wide would love to have someone like Hagrid in their life. This costume is classic Hagrid, what with the long, slightly worn coat and shirt that looks like he has owned it for years. It is classic Hagrid, there’s nothing fancy about him and that is why is such a popular cosplayed character, that and his giant heart that we just can’t get enough of.

I also love this wig and beard set, it looks amazing on and really transforms you into Hagrid. His hair is an untameable nightmare which would be impossible for most people without a little help.

Sirius Black

guy cosplaying sirius black

A severely misunderstood character, Sirius black is incredibly brave and loyal. He is a Gryffindor after all but he is also Harry’s godfather and let’s not forget he is a badass. This Sirius Black costume is incredible and really allows you to let your hair down with Sirius and show other cosplayers or people at your event that you’re more than just a wizard. You have face dementors, you have faced the world people ever to exist in the wizarding world and you are one of the most loyal friends there ever was.

Professor McGonagall

Woman dressed as professor mcgonagall

A legend in her own right, Professor McGonagall sees Harry and his friends through every year at Hogwarts, proving to be an infamous character and one we all grew with and loved as if she were our own teacher. She is extremely loyal to Dumbledore and cares for her students more than she will ever let on. This set includes the long cloak we always see her wearing, a dress, and the long pointed hat that is the very essence of Professor McGonagall. If she is your favorite character it can be very easy to play her just slip this costume on, grab some glasses, a wand, and a stern look on your face and you’re there.

Kids professor McGonagall costume: For kids that love this extremely caring yet stoic professor, this costume has everything they’re going to need. It’s a gorgeous material with high-quality detailing and that makes them look like a mini witch in the making.

Severus Snape

Man cosplaying as Sseverus snape

J.K Rowling created a seriously interesting character when it came to Severus snape. He is unlikeable, mean, cunning and loyal and it isn’t until Snape reveals the truth and saves Harry’s life that we see the thing we had been missing all along. Yes, Snape is a wildly controversial character but he isn’t all bad and he is an incredible character to cosplay and dress-up as for Halloween as he is very interesting. This costume comes with everything you’re going to need to really pull off that classic Snape look, he is a very distinct outfit that singles him out amongst the other professors and we all know Snape is lurking when we see it.

It doesn’t come with the wig and you can just wear your hair down and apply some gel to make it look a little greasy or I like to use this wig as it’s really great quality and fits the Snape character perfectly.

Luna LoveGood

lady dressed up as luna LoveGood

Luna Lovegood is a popular character, she has a unique way about her. More interested in mythical and magical creatures than dominating the wizarding world. She is a calm character with lots going for, she was pout into Ravenclaw, a house known for its originality, acceptance, wisdom and creativity. This costume is the perfect Luna lovegood costume as it has everything you’re going to need and everything that will m,ake you fee; as wonderful and as magical as Luna.

Harry Potter Dress-Up Accessories

Harry potter glasses: These glasses are officially licensed, they’re comfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time and if you are cosplaying Harry they’re going to really complete your outfit. The thin wireframe and round lenses (which are completely clear) are typical Harry and these are great quality which will allow you to wear them again and again.

Voldermort Mask: Voldermort is an evil character, one we all grow to fear along with our favorite Harry Potter characters. He has a look that we have never seen before on a villain and this look can be incredibly hard to cosplay, especially as he doesn’t really have a nose like ours. I find with Voldermort it’s so much easier to wear a mask and some black clothing or a black cape. This mask is incredibly detailed, will frighten anyone who so happens to see you and has all of the most defining Voldermort characterisits.

Sorting Hat: The sorting hat is some of the first bits of magic that we see from Hogwarts and this hat will change your life. It puts each pupil into the right house, it knows your destiny by listening to you soul and it is a very, very important part of Harry’s life as he almost doesn’t find himself inside of the Gryffindor house and in fact, is almost a Slytherin due to the small technicality of the Dark Lord still having a piece inside of him.

Hedwig: Hedwig is Harry’s pet, a loyal companion to the very end, and what many consider to be Harry’s only friend when he was at Privet Drive. This Hedwig owl is 11” tall, is officially licensed, and with the yellow beady eyes and soft fur will stand you out amongst the other Harry’s at the cosplay or Halloween event you will be attending.

Dobby Mask: Dobby is one of the most loved characters that J.K Rowling created. He is brave and incredibly loyal to the small amount of friends that he does have. He is a one of a king house-elf who we all root for. I for one would love a Dobby to come and be my sidekick. This mask allows you to transform yourself into Dobby, wear a sarong around your midriff or a tattered old sheet and enjoy the love.

Harry’s Magic Wand: This wand has a wood-like appearance, makes three different sounds and it even lights up orange on the tip to really make your wand feel alive. It’s great value for money and you can slide it into your Hogwarts robe for safekeeping or keep it in your hands all times because you never know when danger is going to creep up on you.

BroomStick: The reason I included the nimbus 2000 was that Harry was gifted it by either Professor McGonagall or Dumbledore and it allowed him to really flourish in his Quidditch career. The broomstick is much more interesting than his old one and it really says something about his character. This broomstick is motion-activated and incredibly detailed, I just wish it could actually fly!

Necklace: If you’re going to an event with huge fans of Harry Potter such as a cosplay event, this time turner necklace will have everyone in awe. Hermoine uses it as a way to become more studious and attend more of her classes. This necklace is a big part of the ‘Prisoner Of Azkaban’ movie and although McGonagall made her swear she would only use it for her classes we see her using it with Harry to help save Sirius and Buckbeak.

Make Your Own Potter Potions At Home

This video shows you how you can make your own potions at home, whether you’re having a Halloween party or just an event, you can follow this video and make some of the most well-known potions from the movies, something we have all wanted to try at some point in our lives. It’s easy to follow and even if you’re not going to be making potions, it’s a really good watch and makes our favorite movie come to life and into our muggle world. It’s great to make these for friends or just for yourself to enjoy, it can be so much fun.

There’s also another video I wanted to show you and that’s on how you can make Butterbeer! An old recipe from 1588 and I don’t know if you have ever tried it but it’s so good. When I watch the movies I always see them sipping on this stuff and always used to wonder what it tasted like and for me personally, it lived up to my expectations, it’s amazing. It’s also a fairly easy recipe which is always a bonus. In this video, he also suggests that you can make it non-alcoholic by simmering the potion for longer so if this is something you’re conscious about just know you can actually make it drinkable for everyone.

How To Make Your Own Harry Potter Wand

If you don’t want to buy a ready made wand there are ways you can actually make your own wand. Some cosplayers like to make their own wands to put their own stamps onto their Harry Potter characters or sometimes it’s because they will re-use their wands with other characters and they don’t want something that is so defining as a HP speciality wand. I found this amazing video on how you can make your own wand, it isn’t too difficult, i may take a few tries but if you want to make a set or you want to make some wands for you and your friends it shows you just how you can do that. It’s easy to follow and you don’t need too many things to get started.

Magical Harry Potter DIY Crafts

I am a sucker for videos this like, I find myself scrolling through my Facebook feed and just stopping at every single crafting video. This video, however, is all things Harry Potter related and it shows you how you can get crafty and make some of your own Harry Potter memorabilia. Some prefer using lots of DIY with their cosplay costumes and some people just enjoy doing some fun crafts on a rainy day, whatever your reason (mine is I enjoy crafts when I am stuck for things to do), this video is great and it shows you so many ideas for you to get crafty and really let your imagination run wild.

The Harry Potter Quiz (Which House Are You Part Of And What’s Your Wand)

I don’t know about you but I have seen countless arguments and discussions from people claiming to be the perfect fit for a certain Hogwarts house only to be then contradicted by the people they are arguing against and told they belong in an entirely different house. It can be tricky, especially when someone yearns to be a Gryffindor but everything points at them being a Slytherin (not that being a Slytherin is a bad thing). It can be hard when all you want is one thing but finally there are some tests you can take to really once and for all determine where you belong, this first test is a video and once you get your answers read through the comments to discover your new allies, it’s really easy to do and just a bit of fun!

This next house test is slightly more intense but you could compare your results on both to see if you are clashing between two houses or not. Just remember to always answer as truthfully and as sincerely as you can, really think about your answer and the person you truly are when nobody is around. Once you have your house results don’t be sad if it’s not the house you wanted, there’s always a good reason for it and there are great aspects and downfalls for every single house at Hogwarts.

Pick Your Houses Uniform (DIY Robe)

This is a great idea you can transform any Harry Potter robe into another house meaning you can cosplay any character that you want at any given time without having to re-purchase different uniforms. It’s also a great way to change up your uniform if you took the test and got a different house to the one you originally wanted. The tutorial is easy to follow and is a nice DIY video that will keep you busy and allow you to try out a variety of different characters. Such as Luna Lovegood from Ravenclaw, Cedric Diggory from Hufflepuff, Bellatrix Lestrange from Slytherin or even Remus Lupin from Gryffindor.

Harry Potter Spells

I always tell people in my articles that no matter who they are cosplaying to really get a feel for their character by learning subtle things about them and with the Harry Potter characters aside from their obvious qualities, learning a few spells and knowing a basic bit about what each spell does will make you stand out and make you an even more believable version of whoever it is you are playing.

You can see all the spells from all 8 of the movies in this video:

These are just some of my favorite spells, let me know yours in the comments down below:

Riddikulus – Turns something quite scary into something, well, ridiculous and funny.

Lumos– This turns your wand into a light, which is very very useful.

Wingardium Leviosa– This spell makes people float, now wouldn’t that be fun?

Accio– A summoning charm, once again very useful.

Apparition– Although frowned upon this spell allows you to appear instantly in another place.

If you are a Potterhead let me know below the house you belong too, your favorite spell, and your favorite character. My house is Gryffindor, my favorite spells are above and my favorite character is Dobby and Hermoine Grainger.

Love, Mia.

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