Outfit: Men’s Athletic Sneakers & Graphic Tees


Life isn’t always diamonds and rosé (but it should be) and sometimes you just gotta stick with casual comfort in your everyday clothes. When I’m running around the city looking for men doing errands I like to keep it simple. A soft tee, slim chinos, and a colorful pair of athletic sneakers (not just for the gym, see!) are the perfect uniform for a busy day. Now that the weather is cooling down, I’d proably swap out the tee for a #sweaterweather fleece crew-neck. What’s your effortless comfort outfit of choice?


Hat c/o Qilo // Shirt c/o French Connection // Pants c/o Club Monaco // Shoes by Nike // Eyeglasses c/o John Ruvin // Bracelet c/o Shashi

Original photos by Justin


TAGS menswearfashionstyleAnthony Urbanoqilofrench connectionclub monaconikeshashigeorge frostjohn ruvin


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